Five Best Devices with Great Battery Life for Online Gaming

Best Devices with Great Battery Life for Online Gaming

For avid internet browsers, streamers, or gamers, having a long battery life on mobile or portable devices is of paramount importance. When it matters, there’s little more frustrating than being at the end of a film or about to win a huge jackpot online when the power cuts and leaves the user helpless. Online gaming has become one of the best sources to stay entertained.

Of course, portable chargers are a useful invention that are increasing in popularity, but the simplest way to ensure this annoyance doesn’t occur regularly is to invest in a device that has a great battery life, allowing gaming to go on for hours. The five devices below each have their unique and varying merits, but one advantage links them all: epic batteries. 

OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus 10 Pro

Few cellphones can match the OnePlus 10 Pro for battery life, with around 12 hours of usability giving users a whole day of play. Not only that, but respected reviewers are touting it as a challenger to the highly regarded Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra as the best overall Android phone. Costing hundreds of dollars less than Samsung’s flagship release, this OnePlus device would be a truly wise investment for those looking to game all day long.

This cellphone is also comparatively light, so those playing online video poker or a strategy-building game on the move won’t get tired arms. 

Dell Latitude 9510

As far as laptops go, trust can always be placed in Dell to come up with a reliable model that treats battery life with the respect it deserves. Thin and light, this Latitude 9510 model is easily transportable for gaming on the go, while an all-day battery life means travelers and commuters can confidently join in on the fun.

With a 5G option available, the Latitude 9510 will specifically suit those looking to play online games – especially as, with a relatively low graphics ability, this laptop is not intended for heavy, deep-rendered offline gaming. This makes it perfect for those who will be spending most of their time using online casinos, playing online video poker, or trying their luck at online slots. With the gaming options available at Slotslv there’s no lack of opportunities to have fun and win big, and, by using this laptop model, players can have faith their jackpot winning run won’t be cut short.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 Pro

The Google Pixel 6 Pro has an mammoth battery life endurance rating of 84 hours, with over 12 hours of use when web browsing. This 2021 release from Google is, therefore, an exquisite choice for those looking to play online for long periods of time while also catering to those who have camera capability – the Pixel’s main selling point – as a high priority.

Offline, the Google Pixel 6 Pro’s battery life is even longer, allowing the play of 2022’s most popular gaming apps, Subway Surfers and Money Rush, to go on all day long.

HP Elitebook x360 1040 G7

Although quite expensive, this HP model is worth the spend as it has an epic battery life of 17 hours and a quality in-built webcam, useful for when playing with friends.

With such a powerful battery that uses a considerable amount of energy to charge, users may be interested in accompanying Eco Gadgets such as wind-up cellphone chargers and flashlights to save on energy bills and do their bit for the environment. These would be especially useful for those running down the Elitebook’s battery frequently by utilizing its unique notebook design – the screen flips around completely to take the form of a tablet.

Having a laptop, like this superb HP model, that can transform into a tablet-like device is also a huge bonus for gamers who want a device that can combine online gaming with app-based entertainment.

Apple iPad Air (2021) 

Apple iPad Air

For anybody who can’t wait for the 2022 release, the 2021 iPad Air still offers a great usability and battery life for gamers. Being much lighter than the iPad Pro, the Air makes up for its lack of the new M1 chip with portability and is compatible with the most up-to-date Apple Pencil.

Although it has only improved by around 30 minutes in comparison to the 2020 model, the 2021 iPad Air still has a monster battery life of over 13 hours, so gaming both online and offline can comfortably last a whole train journey, bus commute, or evening dual-screening in front of the television.

The only tablet on this list, the iPad continues to stand out from the crowd, and with even more anticipated upgrades expected in the 2022 model, it is comfortably the best choice of tablet for those looking to enjoy hours of online gaming.

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