Significance of Eco-friendly fashion and its impact on the environment

Significance of Eco-friendly fashion and its impact on the environment

Eco-friendly fashion also known as sustainable fashion has become one of the most popular trends in the fashion industry. This range of fashion aims to reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and the elimination of carbon footprints. Many people are unaware that there is a significant link between the fashion industry and the environment. This article will answer the question – How does sustainable fashion help the environment?

The importance of sustainable and ecofriendly fashion

Sustainable and Eco-friendly fashion has become the need of the hour. Such companies not only aim to protect the environment but also do their bit to improve and protect lives and natural resources.  Let us see how eco-friendly brands and fashion companies are doing their bit to protect the environment.

1.  Eco-friendly fashion helps in preserving natural resources

Every year around the fashion industry uses around 98 million tons of natural resources including fertilizers, oils, chemicals for dyes etc. to produce various types of materials. Only 3% of recycled materials is used at the time of manufacturing. For example, to produce nylon, close to 57,100 tons of CO2 and 70,000 oil barrels are used. Keeping this factor in mind, sustainable fashion brands have chosen to go with recycled fabrics since they help in waste management and reduce the need of new resources.

2.  Eco-friendly fashion contributes to the reduction of carbon footprint

There is a significant amount of greenhouse gasses are eminited every year by the fashion industry. This directly impacts the environment and contributes towards the global warming. The main reason behind this is for the production of materials like nylon, acrylic and polyester blends. In sustainable fashion, companies recycle these materials and reuse them for a new production line. In this way, the fashion industry helps to reduce the carbon footprint and its impact on the environment.

3.  The importance of sustainable and ecofriendly fashion for animal life

There is a known fact that there are many fashion labels use animal fur for their fashion line. Every year, more than 450 million animals are slaughtered and killed only for their leather. Sustainable fashion targets to end this torture by embracing alternatives and solutions that do not require the need of killing an innocent life for their skin or fur.

4.  Eco-friendly fashion helps by recycling waste

Sustainable brands use various types of waste to come up with different types of materials. For example, ocean trash is used to make polyester, recycle seatbelts are used to create bags, yeast is used to create silk, pineapple leaves and sugarcane fibers for clothes and so on. By recycling the waste, sustainable fashion not only helps to reduce the pollution levels, but also comes up with new and interesting products or accessories like the Nordgreen watches collection.

5.  Sustainable fashion helps in water conservation

In order to produce a single T-shirt, a company needs close to 3000 liters of water. Keeping this statistic in mind, you can only imagine how much of water is needed for mass production. How does sustainable fashion help the environment in water conservation? Well, the answer to this is sustainable or recycled fabrics require less water at the time of recycling and production.  For example, instead of using conventional cotton, companies prefer to use organic cotton since the water consumption rate reduces by 91%.

6.  Eco-friendly fashion provides a safer and fairer working environment

Even in today’s times, slavery, unethical and unfair practices are still part of every industry and the fashion industry cannot be left out. Millions of workers in the fashion industry work under inhume and unethical conditions. To help cater to this problem, sustainable fashion brands focus on taking significant measures to ensure that workers get fair wages, improved working conditions and other such perks. Right from the farmers to the factory workers Eco-friendly fashion brands consider every person and takes steps to give them their due right.

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