Faux pots in multi layers to resemble palm trunks

Palm trees are easily recognizable for their thorny leaves and creased trunk structure. They have their own unique beauty, which many people love and appreciate. Are you interested in decorating your house with a desert or beach theme? If yes, maybe you are one of those artistic enthusiasts who wants something fun and nature inspired to change your home from tasteful to imaginative.

Faux Layered Pots

PALMA planters is a new concept plant pot designed by Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch to appeal to buyers who want an alternative style from the regular pots. Many people like their home decorations to have an earthy aura and be derived from shapes found in nature.

Manufactured at a production facility in Switzerland, these faux layered pots have been constructed to resemble the characteristic markings of the trunk of palm trees. The PALMA planters are made for the Swiss brand Eternit to suit the company’s Green image. With the company’s patented fiber cement, the natural components entered into the cement manufacture ensure it is tough and sustainable. Moreover, the company’s eco friendly ambitions are satisfied.

A minimalistic aesthetic gives the PALMA planters the ability to blend with its surroundings. Usually you would have to color coordinate your plant pots to the area, not if the pots have a simple design. You can place it in an outdoor arena or choose to put it in an indoor setting.

From the appearance of the pot, one can deduce that maybe individual pots have been stacked on top of one another, which is not the case though. It is one entity with each layer carved to illustrate different angles. PALMA planters has a quirky, fun aspect and is available in different colors as well as two differing heights.

Via: Trendhunter

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