Eco Fashion Guide

Student reuses soda tabs by making a prom dress

Sometimes you don’t plan to do things, but still they happen. Such an example is this prom dress created out of pop tabs by Regan Kerr, junior at George Washington High School. It was two years back when engaging her friends and family, she started to t

Patagonia designs eco friendly R1 wetsuits

Outdoor clothing design company, Patagonia, has released what it claims to be the most environmental friendly wetsuit to date. Called the R1, the suits are available in various styles: full, short sleeve full, long sleeve full and sprint suits for men, an

Eco fashion trends set to change the world green

Despite the brouhaha and palaver about fashion industry, what all experts tend to agree is that the industry does account for a considerable share of world’s total economic output. Now, it might be questionable or at the least arguable about how much this

Salon Du Chocolat arrives with Chocolate couture in Zurich

The world renowned Salon du Chocolat, has toured the world and has presented great shows dedicated to chocolate. After showcasing their talent in Paris, NY and Tokyo, they have now arrived with their latest show in Zurich. They not only serve as a platfor

ADCD comes up with United States’ biggest paper fashion show

Paper fashion is a paramount for the youth who have always imagined making their career in design. The Art Directors Club of Denver at the biggest Paper Fashion Show of US, has proved how stunningly beautiful simple sheets of paper could ever look. This c

Best hot solar powered dresses for green fashionistas

From the sexy hot bikinis to the outrageous special suits that will give you the look of a Martian or even Elvis if you wear it right, this is the list of the best of the best when it comes to letting solar wear walk in to your wardrobe. If you are lookin

H&M launches exclusive eco conscious ‘Red Carpet Collection’

Fashion is something that we deal with everyday and one thing that is definite in the fast paced world of fashion is, change. H&M has recently come up with its “Exclusive Conscious” assortment of red carpet looks, which have all been made using eco fr

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