Farmer develops zero-energy fridge using locally available materials

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Eco Factor: Zero energy seed storage silo for rural parts of the world.

We’ve seen some zero-energy refrigerators in the past as well and while most of them look too futuristic to be developed anytime soon, a farmer has invented a zero-energy fridge using locally sourced materials and age-old construction practices. Gilberto Tethere in Cabo Delgado Province has come up with the Zero Emission Fridge for Rural Africa (ZEFRA) that can revolutionize the lifestyle of people living in rural parts of the world.

zero energy fridge for rural africa 2

The basic design of the ZEFRA is weaved bamboo structure that is covered with clay on both sides. The shape is cylindrical and two openings are closed with tightly fitting clay-covered hatches. The ZEFRA stands on a base that includes vermin traps to protect grain from rats and mice. The clay covering seals the seeds in almost airtight chamber and improves the effect of organic repellants.

The clay silo can help farmers and their families adapt to climate change that is extending the drought-caused “hunger-period”.

Images Courtesy: Helvetas Mozambique

Via: The World Bank

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