Excellent eco-friendly alternatives for company transportation

Corporate organizations and businesses use their own fleet to transport employees and clients from one place to another. Many companies provide pick and drop services for employees who work till wee hours and find it hard to get vehicles for traveling back to their home. The fume of diesel and petrol contributes to the global pollution and increases carbon emissions. By cutting down the use of petrol and diesel and inventing greener ways for company transport we can reduce global pollution to some extent. Research is going on regarding this matter and scientists are striving hard to build eco-friendly vehicles for company transportation to make this world a greener and safer place. Meanwhile some companies have understood the importance of using eco-friendly transportation and come up with alternatives. Some of these alternatives are simply unique but some others are on the verge of being called bizarre. Four amazingly eco-friendly and innovative company transportation alternatives are discussed in the following.


Nordisk Cryobank’s Sperm Bank:

Nordisk Cryobank is a sperm bank in Europe that delivers sperms to many fertilization clinics. For doing the delivery in an eco-friendly way they have made their Sperm Bullitt bikes. Their employees go around delivering the sperms riding these bikes that have got cooling system to keep the sperms fresh and alive.  It has also got the URL of the company website printed on the sides that inspire and encourage people to donate sperms.


Gowalla’s Employee Bikes:

The eco-conscious Josh Williams, CEO of Gowalla, provides all his employees with eco-friendly bikes made by Pro Cycle Works. Every Bicycle has got the name of an employee printed on it. Josh believes that this is his company’s way of helping the nature. Most of the employees use the bicycle for going to work and coming back home.


Scott’s Valley Police Department’s Electric Motorcycle:

The very first police department that started using electric powered bikes for the sake of nature is the Scott’s Valley Police Department. Zero Motorcycles provide this police department with the amazing electric fueled eco-friendly bikes. The small sized bike has helped the police department to patrol through narrow and difficult areas.


Rent-a-Green Box’s Delivery Truck:

Rent-a-Green Box uses eco-friendly delivery trucks that have dual fuel tanks. These delivery trucks use vegetable oil and bio-fuel alternatively. The company has been able to reduce its total carbon emissions by 78 percent by using delivery trucks.


The companies, which have turned to alternative methods of transportation, act as role models for the other companies. They have been able to contribute in reducing global pollution effectively.

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