Environmentally friendly laptops for the responsible geek

Mobile computers and gadgets may be the need of the hour, but these devices are one of the major culprits of the electronic waste piling on across the world. For, innovations in technology keep producing latest devices every year and ending the old ones up in the trash. However, there are designers and manufacturers who are looking to come up with green technologies and gadgets that are easy to recycle and do not harm the environment adversely. Here are some of the eco-friendly laptops that will help geeks go green without compromising the performance.

MacBook Air:

Apple Product Studio Shoot

Apart from producing ergonomic and technologically advanced mobile computers and devices, Apple is striving to make its laptops more environmentally sustainable too. Usually made using aluminum and glass that are easy to recycle, MacBook Air features energy-efficient mechanism and uses only a small amount of energy to run, if compared to other laptops available in the market. With an ENERGY STAR 5.2 level and the EPEART Gold certification, Apple also strives to recycle old laptops and gadgets of their customers.

Acer TravelMate TimelineX:

Acer TravelMate TimelineX

Based on an eco-friendly platform, the TravelMate TimelineX laptop by Acer comes with i3 core processor that is enough power the work of even professionals but without harming the environment. Adhering to the EPEAT Silver, RoHS, WEEE and ENERGY STAR standards, the sustainable laptop comes with a long lasting battery, so that users need not to replace the battery time and again. Since battery is the major culprit of environmental pollution, Acer strives to increase the battery life of their laptops to reduce the e-trash, and thus greenhouse gasses.

Asus Bamboo Laptops:

Asus Bamboo Laptops

The Bamboo Series by Asus is possibly one of the most environmentally friendly collections of laptops available in the market. A perfect replacement to plastic and steel, bamboo has tensile strength to resist the hot temperatures caused by various components. Featuring the frame and track pad made using bamboo; the Asus laptops are completely natural and recyclable.

Lenovo ThinkPad L420:

Lenovo ThinkPad L420

Touted to save the user 40% operating costs, the L-series laptops by Lenovo comes with LED backlit display and power manager to control or reduce the power consumption. Made using 30% recycled substance, Lenovo laptops also boasts ENERGY STAR and the EPEAT Gold standard certifications and help geeks go green while being efficient.

Gadgets and sustainability usually do not go hand in hand, but with advancement in technology and surge in the number of green geeks, we now have manufacturers who are looking to produce eco friendly devices to help sustain the environment.

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