Environmentally friendly houses you would like to live in

As people are becoming more conscious about the environment and the need to save it, we see adaptation of measures, which are eco-friendly in every spectrum of our lives. In housing sector, we also see many innovative solutions that help protecting natural resources. Such measures are helping to reduce carbon footprints of our homes and make the planet a better place to live.

Let us now look at some of the most eco-friendly homes, designed and created with the aim to reduce their impact on the environment.

Athena Marie Plantation

Athena Marie Plantation:

Situated in Florida, this is biggest eco friendly home in all of US and is spread over more than 45,000 sq. ft. of land. The plantation features electric turbines that are powered by wind and are installed on the roof. In addition to it, the home also made use of renewable energy in the construction process. As for example, the walls use the Insulated Concrete Form System that helps in saving energy as well as withstands hurricanes.

570 Edgewater Drive

570 Edgewater Drive:

This is an environment friendly house consisting of solar electric panels and LED lighting. Additionally, this twelve thousand sq. ft. house makes use of geothermal heating through underground pump as well as a system that allows usage of shower water in toilet flush.

995 Longbow Place

995 Longbow Place:

This is the most eco-friendly luxury homes that you will ever come across. It occupies almost 10,000 square foot of space but despite that, the expenditure on utility bills is about $350 every month. In terms of eco-friendliness, the house is equipped with solar panels, energy efficient water heating, electric panels that run on solar power and wall insulation. The house makes total use of organic as well as recycled material such as logs used in outside finish are of composite material and paints which are VOC free.



It is a hi-tech green house, which collects as well as stores solar power that can be used for a week. There is also an elevated reservoir of 2700-gallon capacity to store rainwater so that electricity is not required to pump water. Below the house, there is provision to process wastes and make dry compost. Most of the operations in the house are automatic and controlled from a central computer in the house.



This seven thousand square feet house has several environment friendly features ranging from geothermal HVAC, very low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paint as well as smart home energy system.


With advancement in technology, new homes are being developed which are environment friendly and reduce negative effects on nature.

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