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Eight unique water powered gadgets

by Ecofriend1874


It is the time of water power technology that uses water to receive energy in several different ways. You may find H2O batteries that supply power using specially formulated alloys (one of these being positive and one negative). When these alloys are submerged in water, energy is produced. You may just replenish water in these batteries when its level gets lower. If these batteries are not to be used for some time, you won’t have to do much—just remove the water and dry them to be used later when required. Even though the water power technology is newer, there are several gadgets that receive its power form water. Check out some of these super gadgets.

  • Bedol Water-Powered Clock

This is one of the greenest clocks, drinking only plain water and some lemon juice. Available in a translucent frame of different colors, it is a unique little clock that has an inbuilt memory chip to give you accurate time even if the water runs out. There is no electricity usage in this clock, and it is safe for the environment as it does not create any pollution.

  • Water-Powered Calculator

It comes in a great design and runs on the power of water. Some people really love calculators and this one has fuel cells that can use water to run for a month. Once the water is finished, you just need to refill.

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  • Water-Powered Cell Phone Batteries

Samsung has been working on a hydro-powered phone battery that would run on water-holding fuel cells. The metal interior will react with water and form hydrogen, which will further react with oxygen to produce energy to run the phone for about 10 hours. The hydrogen cells might need replacement weekly or fortnightly.

  • Water-Powered Mini Lantern and Flashlight

It is a two-in-one device with a refillable water battery. The product can last for 10 years without any charge loss.

  • Tango Group H2O Water-Powered Multifunction Clock II

This product is a clock but you can rotate it to alter the mode to a clock, thermometer, timer or alarm.


  • NTT’s Crazy Shoe

This shoe has a tiny turbine that uses water to produce power. Still a prototype, this shoe would work and keep generating electricity as you walk.

  • Horizon HydroFill

It is an eco-friendly device manufactured by Horizon. Through electrolysis, it extracts hydrogen from water for charging your gadgets. The reaction only produces water vapors and this device is completely safe for the environment.

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  • Sylvania 72450 Water-Powered LED Shower Light

It uses the pressure of water for generating power, and the water temperature determines its color. This device can save energy for you while your bathroom lights are put off.


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