Ecoclean: A solution for mopping with dirty water


Cleaning is a big hassle, but a necessity since no one wants to live in unclean surroundings. People have their own definitions of cleanliness and it usually depends on how much effort they are willing to put into the job.

It is unfortunate that in order to get a very clean floor, you have to put in an excess of work. This is mainly due to the equipment you use to clean the floor: a bucket and a mop. Shove the mop into the water before moving the soaked end across the floor. Then, you have to return the soiled mop to the same water in order to wet it again. Consequently, the dirt from the mop stains the water turning it dark and murky. You certainly don’t want to clean your white floors with that! For a better effect on your floor, you have to empty out the bucket and fill it with fresh water mixed with the cleaning solution. Not only is this action troublesome, but it wastes water and cleaning solution.

A practical solution has arrived in the form of a specially designed bucket that prevents the dirty water from mixing with the clean water. Ecoclean is a mop bucket that always contains clean water for use, separated from the dirt of the used mop. Thus, the consumption of water and detergent is reduced and you can easily clean your floors without soiling it with contaminated water. Ecoclean promises maximum disinfection for your cleaning needs, while reducing water consumption and pollution. Water tainted with high doses of chemicals from cleaning products can cause problems when they end up in the sea and rivers.

The ecoclean tank is structured to provide 1liter of clean water, which is the optimal quantity of water needed to wet the fibers of the mop. The amount of water that usually fills a bucket is in excess. One of the reasons the designer provided some restrictions to the water content capability of ecoclean. The other reason is water conservation it is essential to protect our water resources.

The mop bucket functions on a mechanical system, once you have finished swabbing the floor, you can drain the waste water into another tank. The clean water tank is a very sturdy container and a separator in place does not allow for the waste water to contaminate the clean water.

Another interesting feature of the product is that it does not require batteries or filters. Moreover, maintenance of the product is kept at a minimum.

You can view statistics highlighted by the designer to know more fully about the effectiveness of Ecoclean. The mop bucket reduces water consumption and chemical detergents by 47 percent and 75 percent, respectively, in addition to reducing cleaning time by 33 percent.

Ecoclean is a very functional and simple product, capable of being a very handy household unit. Its utility can be measured in all its features that contribute to reducing the load on humans as well as doing a great benefit for the environment.


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