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Eco health: The Advantages of Using Dietary Supplements

Advantages of Using Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are very common nowadays. The main job of these supplements is to provide our body with the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals we do not sufficiently consume in our daily lives. Many people consume them to maintain the right amount of minerals and vitamins in their system. Dietary supplements also contain herbs or botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, and many other ingredients. These supplements come in various forms:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Gummies (for children)
  • Powders
  • Drinks
  • Energy bars

People add supplements into their diet to lower the risk of them having health problems. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy these supplements.

A dietary supplement may provide a certain nutrient or a mixture of minerals and vitamins. The ingredients in the supplement are either food extracts or synthetic. The supplement makers can always say that their product is healthy and safe and contributes to the well-being of humans. This because food authorities do not regulate dietary supplements as they regulate medicine. If there is a new dietary ingredient, then it needs approval. Otherwise, manufacturers do not need to prove that the merchandise is safe as ingredients that the makers use is safe. Unlike medicine, which has to maintain some standard to gain approval for clearance, for dietary supplements, it is optional.

Why do you need dietary supplements?

intake of various micronutrientsSupplements should not be a substitute for your main diet. A diet including lots of vegetables, fruit, healthy fats,protein, and whole-grain this should be a good, healthy balanced diet. Due to the modern lifestyle people nowadays lead, we see that it is not easy to maintain health, work, and other activities. So, using supplements to fill in the gaps we leave out by no eating the right amount of food is a healthy and safe way. Various surveys in Europe show that people, in general, have a deficiency of vitamin C, vitamin D, folic acid, selenium, calcium, and iodine.

Surveys also show that people have a trifling intake of various micronutrients. In this hard time where there is a pandemic going on, it is very important that we build up and immunity. And we can have a good immunity by keeping ourselves healthy and fit. By taking the right supplements and consuming the right nutrients, we are deficient in; We can protect ourselves from the virus in a healthy way.

Who needs to take Supplements?

People agree that they should know more about food-based dietary guidelines. Some do consult with doctors, but in general, people do not know enough about dietary supplements, and they should be aware of how to use them and their benefits.

Teenage girls should maintain the optimum level of iron in their bodies. Low levels of iron in young women increase the risk of their baby being born with less than normal weight, iron deficiency, and have delayed brain development. Surveys indicate that women in Denmark, Poland, France, Germany have an iron deficiency.

Supplements everyone should take

1. Calcium

OsteoporosisWe know calcium for the very important role it plays in our bone health. Calcium helps maintain heart rhythm and muscle function. Because of its importance in our system and its health benefits, calcium supplements are one of the highest-selling supplements present. Calcium is the key component in the growth of new and strong bones. Calcium supplements play a major role in treating osteoporosis (weak and easily breakable bones), and its precursor, osteopenia. Calcium is an ingredient in many antacids.

Doctors recommend using calcium supplements to control the high levels of magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus in the blood. Evidence states it can help in controlling high blood pressure. Calcium helps women in controlling PMS symptoms, and mixing it with vitamin D may protect premenopausal women from Breast cancer.

The best advice is to take calcium supplements with your routine meals. For maximum absorption, do not take more than 500mg at a time.

2. Fish Oil

Fish oil comes from fatty varieties like salmon, mackerel, and tuna. This fish meat provides high omega-3 fatty acids and has a variety of health benefits. Now everyone cannot consume fish, and not everyone likes fish or the smell of it. So as an alternative, they can take fish oil supplements,

Omega-3 has many benefits,

  1. Fish oil helps in maintaining a person’s cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.
  2. And consuming fish oil in large amounts has shown a reduction in symptoms of schizophrenia and other mental health disorders.
  3. Fish oil helps a person achieve a healthy weight
  4. Fish oil is also good for the human eye; it helps in preventing macular degeneration.
  5. Omega-3 is a major component in the skin, so, consuming fish oil supplements helps in keeping your skin young and healthy
  6. For developing babies, omega-3 is essential. So women should supplement fish oil while in the pregnancy and breastfeeding phase.
  7. We see mothers giving their children fish oil supplements. Fish oil reduces behavioral disorders, hyperactivity, and aggression among children.

3. Magnesium

Athletes use magnesium supplementsMagnesium is essential for our body. A study says it helps in more than 300 enzymatic processes and is integral for the DNA and RNA. People who have low magnesium levels likely have elevated inflammation markers, which in turn leads to heart disease and diabetes, and various forms of cancer. Magnesium helps in moving around blood sugar. Doctors recommend magnesium supplements to people with high blood pressure. Athletes use magnesium supplements to boost exercise performance and lessen their fatigue. People who often have migraines are also prey to magnesium deficiency. The recommended daily consumption of magnesium for men is 400–420 mg, and for women, it is 310–320 mg per day.

4. Zinc

Zinc is, and essential nutrient meaning our body cannot produce zinc or store it. This is one of the biggest reasons why we need to maintain the right amount of zinc in our bodies. For all the youngsters out there fighting with acne, zinc helps in averting and battling acne. Dairy products, seafood, nuts, meats, legumes, and whole grains offer high levels of zinc.

Zinc performs a ton of processes in our body like,

  • Immune function
  • Gene expression
  • Protein synthesis
  • Growth and development
  • Enzymatic reactions
  • DNA synthesis
  • Wound healing

5. Multivitamin

Everyone can profit from a multivitaminEveryone can profit from a multivitamin. It is a clever way to avoiding a hundred pills every day and still get the proper nutrients. However, we would suggest checking the ingredients of multivitamins before consuming them.

Obtaining these supplements is easier than obtaining prescription drugs. If you happen to get caught with prescription drugs that are not yours or if the authorities are forcing you to do a drug test and you know you’re going to fail it. Head on over to a quick fix to get the best synthetic urine to pass your drug test. Play it safe.

So here are the supplements you need in order to have a healthy balanced diet. This will help you build up a good immunity and protect yourself from this virus. Always tell your doctor what pills or supplements you are consuming. And always ask for guidance; they are professionals and are there to help us lead a healthy and happy life.

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