Make Your Grow More Eco-friendly with Auto Light Deprivation

Every person living on this planet has a duty to help the environment in any way they can. It’s so because we’re aware that human activity has resulted in climate change that could have catastrophic effects in the near future. It’s why people turn off their electronics whenever they’re not in use and eat organic foods that are grown naturally and sustainably. However, as a farmer, it’s not easy to reduce your carbon footprint and still grow healthy crops that people need to survive, but there is a way you can grow amazing crops and be more eco-friendly.

Light deprivation allows you to effectively recreate the perfect conditions for your crops to grow regardless of the time of year, and it’s a more eco-friendly way to grow crops than traditional growing methods for a number of reasons. Below, this article discusses some of those reasons in depth so that you can decide whether to buy a light dep greenhouse.

No More Pesticides

growing organic food

There is an ongoing debate about whether foods grown organically are healthier than foods grown with the likes of pesticides and GMOs, but we do know for certain that chemicals found in soils can make their way into waterways and ecosystems and have damaging effects on wildlife and the environment. Of course, your main priority is ensuring your crops grow healthily in time for harvest so that you can make a profit and feed the people who need your products, and you may assume that means you have no choice but to use chemicals to enhance your yield. However, that might be because you’ve never considered light deprivation growing.

With a light deprivation greenhouse, you can ensure the internal environment is prime for growing healthy crops, and you can prevent pests and diseases from ruining your yield. It’s your fully controlled environment that recreates the perfect conditions for your crops to grow, and that means you don’t need GMOs, pesticides, or other chemicals to ensure your products are safe and delicious for human consumption. Plus, you can enter a profitable industry by growing organic foods.

Multiple Harvests Per Year


When using standard growing techniques, you need to wait for the right time of year before you can plant your crops. Even if the people in your surrounding area desperately need your products, there’s nothing you can do to speed up your harvest if the weather conditions are unfavorable. However, allowing your fields and greenhouses to sit idle for long periods of the year is far from eco-friendly, especially when you consider the fact that you could harvest multiple times each year using a light deprivation greenhouse.

Thanks to the modern agricultural growing technique of light deprivation, you can control when your crops receive sunlight and how long for, so you don’t need to depend on the natural seasons to grow amazing crops. Not only will this ensure you can grow enough of your products to meet the demand, but you’ll also be able to increase your profits by having crops readily available when other farmers don’t. You’ll be able to grow lots of healthy crops in a sustainable way – a win-win when it comes to eco-friendly farming.

Larger Yields

combine harvesting

All plants need a certain amount of space to grow healthily, though that can depend on where they’re grown and under what conditions. You may need to utilize acres of land to grow your standard yield if using traditional growing techniques; but thanks to being able to control the environment in your light deprivation greenhouse, you can potentially harvest yields equal in size to what you’re used to without having to dedicate so much land to do it. This means you could potentially grow even more crops with your existing land than ever before, helping you farm sustainably while increasing your profits in the process.

Farming has never been considered an easy job, and the likes of climate change, a growing population and changing demands are adding to its modern-day challenges. However, no matter how much pressure you’re under to grow the crops your community needs, you need to think about the environment to protect our world. Fortunately, modern farming techniques such as light deprivation can help you become more environmentally-friendly, and they might just help you increase your profits, too. Just make sure you buy a light deprivation greenhouse from a provider that guarantees high-quality products.

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