Eco friendly ways-Top things that could be done to turn eco friendly

There are more than one ways through which you can play your part in protecting the environment here are some ways that you will find easy:

3027494-poster-s-peace-bike-05Transport: when travelling, you can use public transport like buses, bicycles or taxis or why not try walking. Try to limit air travel as much as possible and you can plan out your vacations so that they are closer at home this limiting the amount you travel and the amount of fuel that is consumed by the transport medium that you have chosen.

P1060862Recycling: don’t discard old books, toys, or CD’s that you do not need or use any more. Take these things to a good will center or to a charity shop who will give them to those people who may need it. Other things like packaging materials can be reused in many ways, waste materials from your kitchen and yard can be reduced as compost that will be good for your garden, it will also save on landfill space and energy. Reuse plastic bags and containers or you could refuse them when you don’t’ really require them.

urlConserve water: try to conserve as much water as possible and reuse waste water when possible. Fix leaky faucets and do not leave then running unnecessarily. Kitchen appliances like the dish washer can be used only when they are completely full you could also place garden plants that are drought tolerant.

27236901_1392572270Smoking: quit smoking as it is not only good for your heath but it is also one of the major pollutants of indoor and outdoor air; it can also affect the health of others.

o-CHEMICALS-facebookAvoid chemicals: chemicals are present in our toiletries, our household cleaners and the herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. These chemicals can harm our health in the long run and can also pollute water bodies as well. There are plenty of recipes in which you can use organic compositions to replace these chemical based ones.

urlEat organic foods: tropical forests are often cut down in order to make place for factories that raise animals for beef and these feedlots are also a source of pollution. Organic foods are developed using green methods and are healthier then regular foods.


Change appliances: older models of appliances may consumer a lot of energy and if you have one of these, then replace it with a model that is energy efficient.

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