Eco-friendly ways add sparkle to your BBQ

Every day we try to find out ways to protect and preserve the earth, be it by banning plastic products in our city or trying to spread greenery around the place. As human being made progress in the so-called civilized society, we have compromised with our own values and ethics, which are going to backfire in the near future. Some easy eco-friendly ways of doing small things in our life can make a lot more difference. Outdoor cooking can be less polluted and even it is eco-friendly if you take care of a few things:


Choose a superior charcoal:

Charcoal made from furniture scraps and waste can give a clean fire that ultimately would contribute in keeping the air pollution free.


Gas grills:

Gas grill can provide us a better fire and will be pollution free as well.


Avoid disposable dishes:

Using disposable dishes could save you a lot of hard work but Did you ever think that merely by using washable dishes could save environment and could give a feeling of concern to the guests you invite at parties.


Trimming excess fat:

If we trim the excess fat from the meat, it would take less time to cook and would keep the environment and the food healthy.


Visit your local market:

Try to buy more from your local market. It will give a lift to local business and you can get fresh food products. Instead of using cans and bottles of beverages, you should prepare the drinks at home and try to serve them in washable glasses. It would save a bottles and cans from polluting the environment.



Firelighters help in flaring up the fire in no time, but be aware of the fact that it could intoxicate the food. Therefore, next time you cook outdoor use sticks and old newspapers. This simple but effective way could contribute a bit.


Using a grill brush:

Baking soda with a combination of a grill brush could give great results. It may sound a little tricky but it would surely serve the purpose and give you good results.


Going green is the really catching up and everyone is trying to do a bit to save the earth. Kitchen can be a good place to start with; right from buying to cooking energy can be stored and saved without a lot of trouble. Eco-friendly cooking gives you only benefits and keeps your food healthy; in addition, it is also budget-friendly. Eco-friendly cooking can help you saving monthly energy costs and you can cut your total supermarket bills by refusing cans and bottles, and by making the use of leftovers.

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