Eco friendly tile flooring ideas for your green home

With the concept of ‘go green’ becoming the theme of the day due to the impact of global warming, eco friendly tile flooring is becoming the much needed adornment that adds elegance to the rooms in your home. Eco friendly tile flooring not only adds to greener living, but also helps in environmental conservation, which is the need of the hour.

Eco friendly tiles

Cork based tile flooring

Cork based tile flooring is an eco friendly flooring option, which is prepared from the branches of the Cork Oak tree. The cork based flooring has the capacity to absorb any amount of paint color quickly. It also has the capacity to absorb heat. It can be painted in any color and yet will look natural. If you are looking for an energy efficient flooring option, then cork flooring is the best option in this category.

Bamboo based tile flooring

For people who like wood, bamboo based tile flooring will be a major attraction. Bamboo based tile flooring can be painted in any shades. Naturally, bamboo is light brown in shade. Bamboo is found in plenty all across the globe and is known for its ability to be harvested within three months of it being planted. Bamboo based tile flooring is durable and is fungus resistant. It is also easy to maintain and can be painted in the color of your choice. Also, it does not easily peel or chip off unlike its artificially generated counterparts.

Recycled Metal tile flooring

Recycled metal, which is made from remnants of industrial and consumer based industrial processes, when used in flooring provides and fantastic look to your home. This flooring option is available in multiple sizes, shapes, colors and finishes. Recycled metal flooring has long lasting life compared to other flooring options. It can easily be maintained and does not rind or crumb off. Once the metal based flooring worn out, it can be recycled to prepare much more recycled metal to lay recycled metal based flooring.

Linoleum based tile flooring

Linoleum is a material, which is made up of natural products such as limestone, linseed, jute, cork, and resin from trees. Linoleum based tile flooring options are one of the first eco friendly flooring options to be available some decades back. Linoleum based flooring is less expensive compared to the other types of flooring. It does not emanate greenhouse emissions and can be easily maintained. Linoleum based flooring is available in a wide range of finishes, shades, shapes and sizes.

Retrieved wood based tile flooring

Retrieved wood based tile flooring may be prepared from cast-off wood from industrial or domestic processes or cast off wood in your own estates. There are two types of retrieved wood tile flooring that are available, namely, retrieved wood flooring made from retrieved wood and retrieved wood flooring made from a retrieved source. With little bit of maintenance required, retrieved wood based flooring is durable and provides an elegant look to your home. It is more natural than the other types of flooring and is available in a comprehensive range of shades, sizes, shapes and designs. It also aids in forest and tree conservation and does not emanate greenhouse emissions thereby contributing to a greener environment.

Recycled ceramic/glass/porcelain based tile flooring

Recycled ceramic/glass/porcelain based tiles are made from recycled soda bottles or water bottles or recycled glass or recycled porcelain. Recycled ceramic/glass/porcelain based tile flooring provides a stylish look to your home since it reflects light from its surface. This flooring option is easy to clean and have a sturdy life. Recycled ceramic/glass/porcelain based tile flooring can be laid in any area of your home ranging from bathrooms to the balcony areas. They are also water absorbent and require less maintenance. Recycled tiles are available in a number of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. This flooring option is the preferred flooring option of millions of people across the globe.


With people becoming environmental conscious these days, eco friendly tile flooring options provide the much needed impetus to people to contribute their bit towards environmental conservation. Compared to the traditional tile flooring options, these tile flooring options discussed above are economical as well as durable. They require less maintenance and are available in all designs, shades, sizes and shapes. They are viable and do not discharge harmful greenhouse emissions. They also help in reducing your energy costs. Unlike the traditional synthetic tile flooring options, eco friendly tile flooring options may be recycled to prepare another set of eco friendly tile flooring options at the end of its life. So, if you are thinking about looking for a tile flooring option, look out for an eco friendly tile flooring option and in doing so contributing to environmental conservation.

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