Eco friendly party – Five simple tips to make that happen

Parties are super fun and super messy affairs. We love to throw parties and get all our friends and loved ones together for having a great time. However, with so much wastage of food and beverages, electricity and energy resources, parties are not exactly environment friendly. If you are an aware citizen, you should not let your enjoyments and revelries have a negative impact on the environment. Certain eco friendly practices could help you make your parties green while keeping the environment clean.

Five ways you can throw the most eco friendly party:

  1. The Party Invitations

E-cards are probably the best way of inviting your friends for an informal party. You can give each invitee a call followed by the e-cards to make it more personal. For formal parties like wedding or office parties, send your invitations in paper that can be recycled. Buy stationery from companies, which either use recycled products or at least use recyclable materials. Some people send plant seeds along with the invitations to encourage the invitee to grow a new plant. Ask your guests to bring an old book with them with a name ticket on top. Collect all the books so that the guests can select a book they haven’t read and take it home. This can be a good way to introduce your guests and get the conversations flowing.


2.     Eco-Friendly Party Food

Too much processed foods and ill-packaged aerated drinks can have a negative impact on your surrounding environment. The conventional farmers use lots of pesticides and chemical fertilizers to grow crops. Consuming such agricultural products can be very harmful for your body. It has been found that the consumption of too much meat and dairy products lead to the emission of greenhouse gases. Don’t serve dairy or meat in the first course. Make appetizing tofu salad, baked fish as entrée.


Buy from the local farmers as they can offer you the freshest produce. Try getting organic products for cooking a tastier meal for your guests.

 3.     The Party Themes

Organize a picnic party outdoors. You can arrange it at nearby farms or even the zoos. Parks are also great for a lazy Sunday brunch party. Ask your guests to bring their eating utensils and table covers or mats. Many environment conscious companies are producing biodegradable plates and other utensils. You can keep flowering plants or leafy plants at the center of the dining tables.


 4.     Party Activities

Let your friends gather tree twigs from the surroundings and light them to make a fire. You can toast marshmallows and organic chocolates in the fire. If you are taking your parties outdoors, make some treats for the birds. You can soak seeds and pine nuts in butter for the little birdies to sing around you.

 5.     Games

Party games are really fun. Tug of War and potato sack race are some fun options, which will also make you work out a bit. Forget the black tie and free your inner child to enjoy such games.

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