Eco friendly options for cleaning your roof

We love to flaunt our beautiful homes to our neighbors, friends and family, but for that we need to take regular care of it .When we take care of the indoor cleaning and arrangement we forget the roof, which protects our house from the scorching sun, rainfall and daily negligence. With passing time the roof gets covered with dirt, black and green algae and also lichens that are tough to remove and then it becomes a compulsion to turn to harsh chemical products. However, we can follow an eco friendly cleaning regime that helps us maintain the roof that too within a limited budget and without extra consumption of energy.

Cleaning the roof

Trimming the vines and branches on the roof

Home Improvement experts recommend that everyone should clean their roof once in three months. There are some very easy methods that one can undertake, like trimming the extra leaves and branches of the trees, hanging from the roof. This could lead the gutters gathering dirt, which should be cleaned manually and along with this one should trim off the extra bits and pieces on the open spaces or the window panes where dirt can collect.

Cleaning roof with domestic products

People have now come up with eco friendly domestic products for cleaning roofs. Just adding the right quantity of detergent or laundry soap that contains less toxins, mixed with some hot water can lead to a clean new roof. This technique is easy, you can use a broom along with the cleaning agents. It is important to keep in mind that safety is a must as the soap water creates a slippery surface and without any safety measure accidents can occur. However, this is considered as the first option for any household.

Never forget about spray and forget cleaning products

Spray and Forget is one of the best options for eco friendly domestic product for roof cleaning. This is quite popular among buyers because besides being eco friendly, it is hazard free and its application too is easy. They do not use any harmful chemicals for cleansing like the Iye, phosphates, acid or bleach. Many buyers recommend this product as they are biodegradable. The product being non corrosive, cleaning the roof and maintaining the quality of the surface gets easy.

Oxy clean the roof

The roofs can be cleaned with oxygen bleach too. With this technique the oxygen is released cleans and washes away the dirty stains and patches. This particular product maintains the color of the roof and is non toxic in nature. Oxygen bleaches are available at the hardware store or the home improvement Shoppe. Simply add the solution with water and spray the roof with a sprayer. For an entire roof about 5 to 7 ounces of this product per gallon of water is needed. After the first round of bleach is sprayed over the roof, a second round of the spray should be done to wash away the stains that remained from the first round.

Eco friendly rubber roofs

Many houses have come up with rubber roofing system. This is a method, by which a coat of artificial roof is covered on the original surface. This helps to keep the roof clean. They are environmentally friendly products made up of recycled rubber tire. Some are like stone or rock carved out styled rubber fittings. They are are corrosion free materials that provide double protection to the house against the scorching heat, storm and rainfall. Although these are not very common among buyers, they have just recently been launched and also due to their high value people opt for them. The thought of how it is going to look and how long it is going to last is yet another lookout for many. However, experts have recommended it for being one of the latest eco friendly ways to keep the roof clean.

To ensure that the roofs of your house last a long time , without experiencing much wear and tear, you must follow and regulate a cleaning schedule.

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