Eco friendly options available to create false wood ceiling beams

In modern world, use of false wood ceiling beams in the homes has become a trend and there are large numbers of people who go for it. It is considered as one of the most effective methods that add beauty as well as the value to home, and the best thing about this task is that one does not have to spend more in this task. Creating false wood ceiling beams is not at all a big task and anyone can go for this task with some basic information of the work. There are a large number of options available to create false wood ceiling beams, and the best thing is that most of them are Eco-friendly and therefore, do not affect the environment.

Eco-friendly options available to create false wood ceiling beams

Some important factors to be kept in mind

False wood ceiling beam is something that is considered by people for the roof of their homes. It is always better to some inspection of the roof before going for this task, and this is mainly because of the reason that some unfavorable conditions such as moisture on the roof can affect the beauty of the beams. It is always better to consult with experts before starting this task. Having right tools will result in saving of time and completion of task quickly. Beams must be of suitable size of the place where they are going to be installed. Tools and materials needed for the task:

  1. Wood cutters
  2. Hammers
  3. Joining nails
  4. Wood polish
  5. Ladders
  6. Tape measure
  7. Foam molding
  8. Synthetic plaster
  9. Paint brush

Advantages of false wood ceiling beams

It is always better to use Eco-friendly materials for your safety, as well as the safety of the environment. Installation of false wood ceiling beams attracts the attention of people, and that is why they are preferred over ordinary ceiling wood beams. They give the room a warm feel. The false wood ceiling beams offer another advantage, and that is it is best for hiding unsightly elements like small pieces and especially wires. Basically, the stain foam moldings are generally used for constructing fake wood beams and actually they are responsible to make the beams look realistic. The installation of false wood beams is much cheaper as compare to installation of real wood. Additionally, in case of any miss happening, they are not much risky in case any person comes under them, and this is mainly because of the reason that they are made from foam molding. How to create them:

  1. Making false wood ceiling beams are very simple and for this task, the beams are given U-shaped by using cutting tools.
  2. Keep their thickness around 1 inch.
  3. Keep the size 8” x 10” x 20’
  4. Make them rectangular in shape and for joining the parts use glue or iron nails.
  5. Paint or polish only after they are installed.

Installing false wood ceiling beams

  1. The very first thing to consider is measuring the ceiling so that the false or fake wood beams can be attached easily.
  2. After this, foam molding pieces must be glued together in order to match the measurement.
  3. In case, there is any excess at the end of molding, then simply cut them.
  4. After this, synthetic plaster is to be painted, and it is necessary to cover visible areas of the foam. This makes the foam piece the similar look as wood have.
  5. Wait some time until molding is to be dried. It takes approximately one hour for molding to be dried completely.
  6. Finally, the edge of faux beam is to be coated. Provide a support to the beams until the glue has been set properly. Remove the support, when glue does its job.
  7. For their permanent support with walls, use trim nails.


The use of false wood ceiling beams is not just limited to homes but rather than homes, they are suitable for offices, restaurants, farm houses, etc. So if you are running a small business in a small shop or building, going for them brings attention of lot of people towards them. Their use is quite common in restaurants as well, and there are lots of offices where people prefer them a lot. The false wood ceiling beams do not need any maintenance once they are installed. They provide a similar look to wood at a cost that is much lesser than using original wood. They are one of the type of beams that are known for adding beauty to a home. Going for them rather than going for real wood is one the best idea in all aspects.

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