Eco-friendly modular homes

Almost everybody has a penchant for green homes, sustainable homes, but their pocket does not allow them to own them. Unfortunately, a large number of green homes are either too heavy on one’s finances or they are like too small in space. Therefore, in spite of having fondness for green homes, these are the reasons those generally do not allow people to buy them.


However, there is good news, some builders who are offering green homes in the form of prefabricated, modular, and sustainable homes that will not catapult your finances and are equipped with state-of-the art technology. They are well within your budget range. Have a look:

Henderson Concept house. WA.


If you wish to own a cute prefab home, with an easy built in time of 3 days, and is natural disaster- proof, then certainly Perrinepod is for you. It is durable and it is green. Architect Jean-mic Perrine has designed Perrinepod as something that is a perfect combination of modern luxury and green living. Prefab homes are designed in a way so that they use less material, less space and leave a much lesser ecological footprint.


Vail Grant House

Vail Grant House from Pugh and Scarpa architects is such an arresting and unique structure made from prefabricated SCIPS (structural concrete insulating panels) made by Green Sandwich Technologies. All panels are produced from 60% recycled material; wire mesh is made from recycled auto parts and fly ash. The eco friendly features of the house are – the SCIPs create an average insulation value of R-40, natural air conditioning through pipes that draw fresh air from outside and the large windows allow ample sunlight to enter the home.


The Holy Cross Project Prefab Home

Green buildings are high on energy efficiency and the owners get to save a lot on the energy bills. One such green house was designed by architects Andrew Kotchen and Matthew Berman after the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina for New Orleans.


Desert House Prototype

This innovative modular prefab by Los Angeles based architect Marmol Radziner, has six deck modules and four house modules, uses solar energy and the concrete floor of the home has a thermal mass that is great at retaining heat. The steel frames used are recyclable.


First LivingHome

This prefab house has a surprising installation time of eight hours. Ray Kappe is the architect behind this beautifully designed building, and off lately this modular home has got LEED Platinum certification for being the first home in the nation that has achieved such ultra-green distinction.


These modular homes are affordable and are environmental friendly. Therefore, if you are also on a lookout for some green homes that come within your budget, you can certainly consider the abovementioned homes.

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