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Eco-friendly insulation to be used in CP rail building

by Ecofriend1874

Saving the environment from demons such as global warming and pollution is one of the top priorities now-a-days and people have adopted many environment friendly methods to accomplish this important task. Eco-friendly insulation is one such technique that is being used these days and this term is used for describing the insulating methods or things that are used in place of insulating things manufactured from petroleum. There are more than one kinds of eco-friendly insulation and one of them is spray foam insulation which again can be classified into two types namely closed cell and open cell. We are discussing eco-friendly insulation in detail because Joern Wingender is using these eco-friendly techniques in CP rail building in Nelson. Joern Wingender mixes around a scoop of clay along with some wooden chips in the mould of a brick press then he pulls the leaver in order to contract the material and then removes the mould so that the final product can be viewed.


This same process will be repeated by Joern for over 7000 times and the final bricks prepared will be dried in the air and they are placed on a shelf just outdoor of CP rail station. These bricks will be finally utilized by Joern Wingender and his efficient team of four to complete the insulation procedure of the rail station located at Baker Street. All the 7000 bricks will take no less than 350 hours or 50 days to be exact for getting ready to be placed in the walls of this old building which is of 1100 square foot. All the workers and Joern himself are able to produce around 20 bricks per hour and this entire process of manufacturing bricks is extremely tedious, said Joern but it is also worth all the effort as well.

The brick press is the latest addition to his team and it is definitely a helpful addition as it has added comfort and speed to the entire process which was to be done by hands earlier. This whole insulation will extend many benefits both to the people and the environment as the materials utilized in the process are all natural therefore they pose no threat to the nature. There is absolutely zero amount of wastage while producing these bricks which is great as it is a considerable step in saving the environment and making this world a better place to live.

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