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Eco friendly floor tiles of marble manufactured from recycled materials

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The Eco-friendly floor tiles are one of the best means to design and renovate your home. There are many Eco-friendly flooring materials like tiles, bamboo, re-claimed wood, stone, cork, recycled glass, recycled metal, sustainable wood, linoleum. You can have beautiful floor, bring in a good effect on your environment and ensure your family’s good health as well. These materials will give you a reasonable price floors that are both Eco-friendly and beautiful. Eco-friendly floorings preserve and honor our planet. There are always technological advances and new ideas in this field.

I will give you an overview about the different Eco-friendly floor tiles of marble manufactured from recycled materials.

Advantages of Eco-friendly marble floor tiles

These are comfortable floorings and give your home a luxurious, modern and unique look. If you go back to history, you will find that marble flooring is associated with opulence and wealth. This material has adorned palaces and has been used for some marvelous works of architecture created throughout the history of human beings. Installing it as your flooring material will give a feel of sophistication to the atmosphere of your room.

These floor tiles are durable. The surface of these tiles is long lasting. Therefore, while planning to renovate or build your house, you can think about marble as your flooring option which will give an entire new look to your home.

Regarding home surfaces, marble flooring most probably is the best investment as far as investment for long term is concerned.

Marble floor tiles are also popular because of their availability in different colors, styles, patterns and designs and coordinating these with home décor of any kind is easy. There are multicolored marble tiles too featuring various hues, arranged on top of every piece. Since marble flooring material is natural, every piece will look slightly distinct from another piece. This means that each tile is going to have its own style. The veining, also known as ‘Marbleized’ are small color lines that give marble stone a great look. The ‘gloss surface’ of these stones makes them reflective and shiny. One reason of marble being often used in historical sculpture works is that it has little translucent quality. Thus a room is illuminated as light penetrates the surface of its light-colored marble floor tiles. In right light, this marble material will appear to be glowing slightly. Even in dark marbles, the light playing across the stone surface may look nice.

If you wish to have dull surface, you can opt for marbles undergoing tumbled process. The ‘Tumbling’ process ages and distresses the stone to give it a buffed and dull look. You can also choose honed marble having a flat, satin or matte finish. The risk of etching in case of honed marble is lower because of the foot traffic of everyday, initial polish from the top is removed.

Moreover, the natural availability of shiny, smooth, glossy marble makes it an Eco-friendly green option for floors. These biodegradable tiles are not the cause of pollution. The installation of marble floor tiles is easy and if installed properly, these tiles have minimal chance of breaking.

Marble is poor conductor regarding heat and it results in a cool as well as comfortable effect on your house especially in places where the climate is warm.

Contrasting those giant slabs which were available earlier, marble now is available in the form of tiles that are easy to install and handle. You can use marble too for making mosaics and patterns which increase a place’s visual outlook.

Certain disadvantages

However, marble flooring is expensive.

Marble tile floorings might also require re-sealing sometimes which depends upon foot traffic and buffing and polishing, if it becomes dull.

Marble needs proper cleaning and maintenance. You should be careful and not use cleaning agents that contain chlorine. Acidic cleaning agents also can harm marble’s sheen. Eco-friendly marble cleaning, restoration and repair protect the environment and your health. Being a learned consumer, you should ensure savings and safety in case of the care of your marble floor tiles. Select a company of marble polishing which offers environmentally safe marble maintenance.

You can get marble with unique shades and sophisticated sheen. It has easy installation and durability. It blends nicely with any type of décor. Moreover, its polished and smooth surface provides elegant feel to your room. Therefore, if you are trying to find a good flooring option which suits your home and is beautiful and durable, go for marble flooring as lookwise it has timeless appeal due to its grand look.

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