Eco-Friendly Electricity Ideas

They say “Charity begins at home”, and it’s really true. Come to think of it, it’s a rage these days. Everyone around is talking about Going Green, and it is surprising how more and more people are joining this move. In man’s quest for a Greener Earth innovations are being done day-in & day out. The good news is that people can get the same amounts of work done without having to worry about the harm done. As individuals, we can contribute to this Green Movement, by using the innovative Eco-friend ly Electricity Ideas.


Throughout the day we use a host of electronic appliances, to do our household chores. Now, how good it would be if we had Green Home Appliances. Luckily, there is a good range of green home appliances which is a fantastic Eco-friendly idea. We all know about solar electricity generation which is such a successful idea to generate and use electricity. At the same time it is pocket friendly. Similarly, usage of the following green home appliances is a great idea to support the green environment and save the natural resources of mother earth.


Green Washing Machine:


The new technology makes use of several chips, which will do the usual amount of washing, but a tenfold decrease in electricity usage. It also consumes much less detergent than the usual quantity. The outcome will still be the same. Same amount of washed clothes with a minimum use of detergent, electricity and water. Now, thats a big deal.



DIY Solar Oven:


Using eco-friendly solar cooker/oven for cooking purpose is one of the most effective and futuristic option for modern generation. This way a lot of domestic fuel can be saved and the surrounding atmosphere can also be protected from carbons and other harmful compounds.


Green Refrigerator:


A green refrigerator saves around 20 percent of energy consumed by other A-star rated refrigerators its size. It uses only about 0.29 kWh of energy per 100 liters of usable space in a full day. The coolant fluid is free of chloro flouro carbons and hydro fluoro carbons (CFCs and HFCs). These two components are the greatest destroyers of the ozone layer.


Induction Top Cooker:

This is an induction based cook top which has 4 different zones for cooking. The top switches on automatically once an iron vessel is put on it and switches off automatically once it is removed. The top also features embedded pan size recognition, which means depending on the pan size the power consumption reduces or increases. With such advance touch sense, the appliance saves a lot of power.


There are a whole lot of other products as well. By replacing our regular home appliances with these eco friendly appliances we can go a long way in saving electricity and other natural resources.

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