The Arctic Sea Meltdown becoming the major issue of concern

Global warming is one such issue that has been in limelight from quite a long time now and is still to be tackled completely. However, along with the increasing number in the summer days in various parts of the country, its major effect is being shown on the Arctic Sea ice that has reached its minimum extent ever, as recorded recently by the satellites of U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

What attributed in this meltdown?

Well, there are number of factors being stated by the scientists that have resulted in this meltdown to an unexpected extent than it should have been by this time of the year. However, the effects of natural elements have been balanced over the years by the effects of other natural aspects. It is the increasing rate in global warming that is considered to be the main reason for it. It is a combination of many natural as well as human-made situations that have affected the temperature around Arctic Sea to a great extent, hence resulting in the lowest melt ever since the process first began in 1979.

An issue of concern

The meltdown has reached to the point of danger with a record of 1.58 million square miles and is not expected to stop any time soon as the experts have predicted. However, this is very concerning news for the scientists as Arctic Sea Ice is considered to be the cooling agent of the entire earth and this melt down could result in the increase in the level of global warming. Moreover, it is very much essential for the polar bears and other habitats of the place that are now left to face some serious consequences. The Arctic sea ice is also the major reflector of the sunlight that enters the space and now, with its meltdown the entire natural system is deeming to be affected badly.

The Arctic Sea Ice is actually the major element that affects the global climate and weather directly and with this meltdown, scientists fear that the consequences are going to be very adverse for the entire planet to cope up with. Though they are trying to somehow have control over the global warming, the rate at which the meltdown is occurring seems to be unstoppable with all the efforts to save the climate going in vain with estimation another two or three weeks left in this year’s melting period.

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