Eco-friendly cooking tips for eco-conscious people

Responsible and eco-conscious individuals understand the need of reducing their household carbon emissions. The kitchen is the best place to start your Go Green campaign. It is the place where you spend a chunk of your time for cooking meals for your family. There are many different ways through which you can make your daily meals more healthy, eco-friendly and nutritious.


At the same time, you can curb carbon emissions by changing the cooking methods and utensils. To make your kitchen eco-friendly you will have to use eco-friendly cooking and food storing procedures. The foods you buy from stores also play an important role in turning your life green. Eco-friendly cooking methods are budget friendly as well. By maintaining a few eco-friendly rules, you will be able to curb your cooking expenses.

Transporting crops and other food items to the markets cause pollution. Vehicles that use gasoline and diesel produce lots of carbon dioxide, which in turn increases the global average temperature. You should buy organic and fresh herbs, veggies, and crops from local farmers. By buying food from the local farmers, you will be helping them financially and also get better tasting ingredients for your meals.


Visit the artisan cheese farms and berry orchards near your home. Take your family to these farms on a weekend trip and buy fresh produce for daily meals. Eating organic food is good for the health of your family members as organic foods provide more vitamins and minerals. Organic crops are produced without using harmful chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Aluminum foils are helpful in packing lunches and leftovers. Do not throw them away after using just once. Learn to reuse and recycle the aluminum foils several times before discarding them. You can wash aluminum foils and use them again for packing lunch. You can also sharpen the kitchen knives and scissors with them.


Scrap and scrub your pans and pots using aluminum foils. Buy modern eco-friendly cookware that saves energy and cooks meals in less time. Ceramic, non-stick pots and pans are good for your kitchen as they cook faster without burning the food.

Invest in oven friendly cooking utensils. Natural gas stoves are best for cooking meals as they cause less pollution.


Eco-friendly cooking will help you in making your family healthier. Choose local fresh and organic produce and use energy efficient cooking utensils and appliances.

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