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Eco friendly concept Mobile Restaurant gets powered by renewable energy

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While we go long distances and feel hungry or thirsty on the way, we all wish that our favorite food items or drinks could reach us immediately. But, if there is no restaurant or drinks bar around, there is no way apart from killing our mood. Imagine how wonderful would it be, if in such a situation, a truck loaded with hot food and cold drinks comes and stops at your side. This is now possible as a talented designer, Vikki Chan, has come out with a design for a multipurpose mobile vehicle that can serve food and beverages to people just anywhere while they are on the go. The concept adopted by Vikki to design such a mobile restaurant has also been quite unique. This uniqueness to the design has come from the adaptation of a special ingredient’s shape and qualities, and this ingredient is a piece of mozzarella.

Mobile Restaurant

To give the mobile restaurant design a holistic approach, all different characteristics of mozzarella were studied and incorporated in the vehicle’s creative form. These characteristics include the shape, flexibility and elasticity of mozzarella. The mobile restaurant reflects these qualities in its overall shape and the way its shell performs various operations in a flexible manner. Different sections of this vehicle can be extended out so that the total occupied space maximizes to boost its operational performance. The dine-in and take-out operations can take place in a very smooth fashion.

The front side of this truck is crafted in such a way that the eaters get to stay at the mozzarella bar, which is a metal panel that can be easily pushed out of the truck. On the other hand, its back side allows the orders to go as well as distributes food while acting as a station. There is a perforated metal skin at the elevation on the front side. Considering the front elevation as the public side where people get to dine-in, the perforated skin aims at enhancing the transparency level. In contrast to this, the back side elevation has extruded text that signifies the main operation of this side, which is to distribute food to people having on-the-go orders. The bands fixed at each section signify specific operations of that particular unit of the truck.

This mobile structure is also friendly to the environment while being sustainable to an extent. There are solar panels fitted on top of the ventilation unit in order to supply energy to be used by the restaurant. Additionally, there is proper air circulation and ventilation provided throughout the truck. This green mobile restaurant may bring you a variety of finger-licking food even while you are surfing through the city. On a road, you may taste some specialty mozzarella dishes, along with other snacks and drinks. If you have time, you may park your own vehicle and stand at the mozzarella bar with a group of friends to enjoy some nice food. But, if you have to rush off, you may quickly pick up your favorite food from the back side and carry on your journey.

Via: Vikki Chan Projects

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