Eco friendly cleaning products for sustainable homes

Keeping a home clean is vital to reduce pollutants, dust and germs. To achieve this, we use various types of cleaning products available in the market. But, what most people aren’t aware of is that these tools can contain toxic chemicals that can have adverse effects on health and the environment. Fortunately, there are other products that are safe, non toxic and eco friendly.

Bissell Multipurpose Deep Cleaner

Bissell Multipurpose Deep Cleaner is a handy and eco friendly cleaning tool. Some parts of the cleaner are manufactured out of post consumer recycled plastic and the hose and the tank are PVC free unlike many others on the market that contain toxins. Its compact size allows it get to corners and tiny spaces, while its portability allows you to carry it around with ease. The spray and the suction device allow you to remove tough dirt and stains without much effort.

Verilux CleanWave sanitizing vacuum

Verilux’s CleanWave Vacuum effectively destroys mites, germs, bed bugs and flea eggs with the help of ultraviolet rays. Its anti allergenic properties make it extremely safe to use even with kids and pets in the house. A 400W motor provides strong suction, while a detachable hand vacuum ensures easy cleaning in those hard to reach places.

ChemFree Toilet Bowl Cleaner

It’s no surprise that toilet bowls tend to accumulate a lot of germs. And while they need to be kept clean religiously, the task isn’t something that many of us like to perform. But, with the help of ChemFree Toilet Bowl Cleaner, the job is made easy. All you need to do is, drop one toilet bowl into your cistern and it’ll clean your toilet bowl for the next 50,000 flushes. The company claims that the product is eco friendly and uses ‘mineral magnets’, which kill bacteria and prevent fungus, mildew and mineral stains.

Electrolux vac from the sea

Electrolux has developed a very trendy vacuum cleaner that’s said to be made out of recycled plastic. While that’s admirable enough, ocean lovers will be pleased to know that the plastic used has been collected from waste found in oceans. The product is designed to promote ocean cleanup efforts and is built using 70 percent recycled plastic.


Mopping floors can use up a lot of water and this can be a problem when you’re trying your best to reduce water usage. With EcoClean, you end up saving a considerable amount of water as the innovative mop bucket is equipped with a filtration system. Every time you dip your mop into it, the filtration compartment traps the dirt, keeping the water clean so you don’t have to change it every time. EcoClean, being a mechanical device, uses no electricity or batteries.

AccuCharge vacuum cleaner

AccuCharge Vacuum Cleaner is a hand vac with a difference. Running on batteries, it uses a system that claims to help keep batteries from degrading, giving them a longer life span. Its advanced charging system allows it to recharge faster while its circuitry monitors the unit while its being charged. When the cleaner nears its charge voltage, the circuitry reduces power to a trickle, saving energy. According to the makers, AccuCharge ends up saving about 70 percent of energy.

Ultrasilencer Green

Electrolux makes it to the list again with the Ultrasilencer Green. The vacuum cleaner is built from 55 percent recycled plastic and uses 33 percent less energy to operate. The use of recycled plastic is especially laudable as if the cleaner were to be manufactured from completely new plastic, 90 percent more energy would be required for its production.


Pure is a water saving tool that effectively cleans and dries your veggies and fruits. Once its tank is filled with water, a pump sprays the contents from three nozzles angled at 120 degrees. This ensures that every item inside the tank is cleaned. A biological refining filter made of UV LEDS treats the water and also makes it clean enough to be reused.

Electrolux dishwasher

Industrial designer Alexei Danilin has devised a dishwasher aimed at Electrolux which, he says, will be able to clean dishes for a month using just a glass of water and ultrasonic cleaning technology. Of course, in order to accomplish this, the dishwasher will no doubt consume quite a bit of power but at least you save on water.


Sasara is a Japanese tool that effectively cleans dirty utensils without causing damage to their surfaces. Made out of eco friendly bamboo and wood, it is 23 centimeters long so you don’t need to get your hands too dirty. What’s great is that dirt particles don’t stick to the tool unlike with a sponge or scrubber, making it even more effective.

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