What’s Next: Eco friendly cellphones made using green materials

As we know it

Going green is the new mantra around the world. There is hardly any area that has not been touched by this noble idea. People want to contribute towards a greener world in every possible way and thus the invention of Eco-friendly mobile phones. Now we are ready to be introduced to cell phones that contribute to the world’s environment since they are made of green materials. Since cellphones are an indispensable part of our lives and every other person possesses one or more cellphones, therefore acquiring and using these Eco-friendly cellphones would surely make a positive impact towards the world environment, even if it’s not a huge one.

Recycled cellphones

The use of toxic materials or materials that are hazardous for the environment is not uncommon in cellphones. In fact, an ordinary cellphone includes a good percentage of toxic materials that are seriously harmful for the environment of the planet. Most of these cellphones are dumped and not recycled which leads to around sixty-seven thousand metric tons of toxic waste around the world every year.

Need for change

The regular cellphones are difficult to disassemble and hence, an extremely low percentage of the total number of phones discarded off each year are recycled, thus leading to more environment pollution and damage. Therefore, the need of the hour is to shift our attention to Eco-friendly cellphones that are made of bio-degradable materials. These cellphones decrease green house gas emission, have longer life, save energy and are easy to recycle. Thus, these environmentally friendly mobile phones help to fight against climate change and global warming.

What’s next?

1. Samsung Reclaim Green Phone: 80 Percent Recyclable Materials

Samsung Reclaim Green Phone

What’s new?

Samsung Reclaim, the phone that includes 80 percent materials that are recyclable, is the first one of its kind. The design of the phone consists of organic mechanism and packaging. With more than 40 percent of the casing of this phone being made of corn-based bio-plastic, this phone surely is a unique one in the list of green cellphones. The phone, though uses unconventional and Eco-friendly materials for construction, includes all the features that you would expect to find in any other standard mobile phone of the current times. The slim, lightweight phone offers you a host of features like QWERTY keyboard, high speed 3G, GPS, Sprint TV, web browsing, 2MP camera, music and streaming music support, camcorder, Bluetooth, microSD memory slot, voice activated dialing, longer battery life along with a number of other exciting features.

What difference will it make?

This phone will make an impact in a number of ways. Firstly, it will encourage cell phone users to use green phones. Once the users learn that these green phones offer everything that a regular phone does and at the same time helps him/her to contribute towards improvement of the environment, users would be excited and motivated to use green phones. This phone would also encourage cellphone manufacturers to come up with more designs of green phones. Apart from that, this phone would set a standard of green phones and encourage green phone manufacturers to include the same or more features in green cellphones.

2. Green Phone Concept given a brand new shape by Nokia

Nokia’s Green Phone

What’s new?

This green cellphone concept of Nokia looked similar to a regular phone when it was initially introduced. But thereafter, several changes have been brought to this phone. The phone boasts of not only green components used for its making but also a range of green features. This phone is different because of the materials that are used for its construction which are recycled elements. The casing is made of aluminum (derived from aluminum cans) and plastic (extracted from old car tires and drink bottles). The inside story of the phone is also Eco-friendly as restored parts of old cellphones have been used inside this phone of Nokia. The phone also requires less charging as it comes with a feature of reducing backlight to a minimum level that helps to save battery to a large extent.

What difference will it make?

This concept seems to be the starting point of using recycled products and old mobile parts for making green phones. This concept phone will not only encourage recycling of various materials like aluminum and plastic but would also help to make good use of scraped mobile parts thus decreasing the toxic affect on the environment and helping it go green.

3. NTT Docomo Scrap Wood Cellphone Concept

NTT Wood Cell Phone Concept

What’s new?

This cellphone is the first one to have a casing of wood. This smartphone uses the surplus wood that is derived from a forest thinning project in the area of Kochi in Japan. The phone has been made in collaboration with Sharp, Olympus and the project “more trees” ( the reforestation scheme in Japan). This phone retains the original color and pattern of the wood and does not use any artificial coloring to change them. The phone is also resistant to yeast, bugs and water.

What difference will it make?

Using natural material without harming the nature or environment in any way is what this phone encourages. The phone does not compromise on the features just because it is built with green material. It would help a lot to decrease use of toxic materials in cell phones and therefore would help to restore environment’s balance.

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