Most eco friendly cellphones for those who care

Cell phones are the best products to turn green first. People carry their handsets everywhere they go. So, a green phone in one’s hand will instigate a chat in a party, family meet or office. Well, it will increase people’s awareness on the need for going eco-friendly in choosing products and even a lifestyle. Mobile makers have already launched a wide variety of green phones. We are up with ten best picks for you now.

Samsung Blue Earth Eco-Phone

Blue Earth Eco-Phone is an eco-friendly cell phone from the tech giant Samsung. The company launched the device in the second half of 2009. The handset becomes friendlier to the environment thanks to its recycled body and use of toxic-free material to build the device and charger. Also, there is a solar panel on the rear panel for harvesting power to charge the phone. The Blue Earth handset is made of a recycled plastic called PCM, which is created recycling plastic water bottles. The phone has a big touchscreen interface and Bluetooth capability.

Sharp Solar Hybrid SH6230C cell phone

The Solar Hybrid SH6230C is Sharp’s eco-friendly handset. The device embeds a solar panel on its rear panel to reap energy from sunlight when the user is outdoors. The cell phone touts a 2.9-inch display and 5-megapixel rear camera with auto focus and other features. The solar powered phone comes in various color schemes such as pink/black, blue/white and pink/white.

Puma Phone

Puma hit the MWC 2010 with a solar-powered handset, dubbed the Puma Phone, which was developed in company of Sagem. The Puma Phone sports a solar cell on the rear part along with a charge indicator. Standing out from the pack, Puma Phone features GPS tracker, pedometer, stopwatch and compass. The handset shows off 2.8-inch touch display with a decent resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. A 3.2-megapixel rear camera and a VGA secondary camera make it a rich phone. For connectivity, the device has USB, Bluetooth, HSPA and other options.


LG POP is a handset that comes with an optional solar cell-integrated rear cover. Though not highly efficient, this solar panel can produce a bit of energy to charge the device. Well, it is an emergency measure that you can use it to face unexpected battery exhaustion on the go. The device can harvest power for 2.25 minutes of talk time exposing it to the direct sunlight for ten minutes.

Motorola A45Eco

Motorola also has an eco-friendly handset in shelves, called the A45Eco. It is a cell phone recycled from plastic bottles and Motorola launched it two years back. The device sports a QWERTY keyboard and 2-megapixel rear camera. In addition, it features Bluetooth, music player, FM radio and much more. On a single recharge, the device can work for 8.5 hours (talk time) and 250 hours on standby. The A45Eco becomes environmentally friendly thanks to its recycled body.

Samsung Reclaim

The Reclaim is yet another remarkable eco-friendly handset from Samsung besides the Blue Earth. Samsung launched the device in the U.S in company of Sprint. What makes the Reclaim ecological is its construction using bio-plastic developed from corn. The handset is free from all harmful materials such as PVC and it is totally made from recycled stuffs. It is a slider QWERTY handset and Sprint was selling it for $50 three years back.

Nokia 3310 Evolve

Nokia 3310 Evolve is an eco-friendly handset the Finnish mobile vendor surfaced in 2008. Nokia developed the device using biomaterials and 60 percent of its body is recycled stuffs. On release, the 3310 Evolve was available in main global markets including Europe. The Evolve 3310 was made without any dangerous materials such as cadmium, lead and other toxic chemicals.

LG Leaf Eco-Friendly Phone

LG Leaf Eco-Friendly Phone is a concept green phone from the designer Terrillo Walls. The LG Leaf concept design is made out of recycled plastic and it sports a solar panel to harvest power from sunlight. The phone is robust with lots of features like a rear camera, touchscreen display and a thin body. Well, slim body is the attention grabbing thing with the LG Leaf besides its the green factor.

Samsung Restore

The Restore is Samsung’s yet another green phone in association with Sprint after the Reclaim. The Korean tech maker launched the Restore in 2010 in the U.S. The device is known for many of its ecological aspects including an environmentally friendly design. The Restore comes with a slide-out full QWERTY keypad, 2-megapixel rear camera and microSD slot for memory expansion up to 32GB. Sprint priced the device at $49.99 with two-year data agreement.

Motorola W233 Renew

The W233 Renew is a prominent green phone from Motorola. The device is made of recycled plastic bottles and even its casing and packaging box are of reused paper and other materials. For its production, only 20 percent less energy is required in comparison to regular phones. The handset hit the stores in 2009 with 2GB of onboard memory and a strong battery that could provide nine hours of talk time. T-Mobile priced the device at $9.99 with two year data deal.

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