Eco-friendly Bathtub trays made from reclaimed wood

Eco-friendly Bathtub trays

Bathtub trays are an accessory, which you definitely should have if you love taking baths. You can keep your book on it, and enjoy a nice glass of wine to help you relax while you are reading. Bathtub trays let you read your book, or even watch a video on your tab or smartphone without the fear of your dropping it into water. You can easily make a tray at home from wood which is left over from other projects, or buy just a piece of recycled wood or make a stunning bathtub tray from pallets. Here’s how you can make your own bathtub tray and some beautiful bathtub tray designs to inspire you:

DIY Bathtub tray

reclaimed wood DIY Bathtub trayYou can make your own amazing bathtub tray.

What you need

A wooden board which is cut according to your tub’s width

Wood glue

Nail gun and nails

Sandpaper and sander



Eco-friendly Bathtub traysMeasure the bathtub at the part where it is widest, from the outer edge of your tub to the wall. You can choose to have the tray an inch over the tub’s side, or have it flush to the tub’s edge.

Then measure both the inner and outer edge of the tub, so that you know where to put the tray supports. This will stop the tray from moving.

After that, cut the board according to your measurements. If you can’t cut it at home, get it cut at a home improvement shop.

Cut out two small wooden pieces to be the feet of the tray. Using the tub width measurement, attach the feet with nails and wood glue.

Once the glue dries, sand the tray thoroughly, so that it becomes completely smooth, and has no splinters. Apply shellac (a few coats), and sand between each coat, but with a light hand. The finish of the tray has to be very smooth, so check by running your hand over the tray, to ensure that you have sanded enough.

That’s all that you have to do. Your beautiful bathtub tray is ready to be used. All you need now are some fresh flowers, pretty candles and your favourite beverage!

Do make sure that you don’t fall asleep in your bath, lulled by the peaceful, calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Bathtub tray design ideas 

Spa tub caddy

Eco-friendly Bathtub trays

This beautiful spa tub caddy will make you feel as if you are luxuriating in a spa. The gorgeous looking tray has been made from leftover wood, which goes to show that your DIY trays can be as good as store bought ones.

Bath bench and tray

Made by simply attaching 1×1 planks at the back, this two in one tray can function as a bathtub tray as well as a bench.

Rustic style tub tray

This rustic style bath tray is made from reclaimed wood. An eco friendly tray that also looks great. Set your scented candles, books etc on it and enjoy a long soak. Rustic style bathtrays add old world charm to your bathroom.

Wood and leather bathtub tray

Eco-friendly Bathtub trays

Leather straps can be attached to bathtrays to make them easier to hold. You can DIY it easily – just nail the leather pieces with a nail gun, and you are done. It’s convenient and good looking, which is what you want!

Book and wine glass holder tray

You can set your book and wine glass on any tray, but one step better than that is a tray which has a designated space for both of the items. This means, your glass and book will almost never fall into water. What more can you ask? This design might be a little complicated to make at home, so you might buy it online or from a store.

Vertical style tray

This bath caddy/tray was made by cutting out a piece from a wooden pallet box that was sanded and smoothened. It looks beautiful and seems to be an affordable tray as well.

Bathtub trays look amazing and are really useful too, for the times when you want to spend some relaxing time in your bath. Depending on your DIY skills, you can make a simple tray for yourself or one which has space cut out for books, glasses, mirrors and so on.

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