Eco-changes That Everyone Should Make to Their House


If 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic have taught us one thing it’s that we need to be kinder to our planet. Many have pontificated that the virus was a direct reaction to our mistreatment of the environment and if we want to stand any change of having a world left to leave for our grandchildren then we need to start doing something right now. It’s not necessarily the big changes that are going to make all the difference though. Sometimes it’s the little things that have a cumulative effect.

With that in mind, here are a few small things that everyone can be doing in their own homes to fight the good green fight and live more eco-friendly.

1. Wash your clothes cold

woman washing clothesUnless you’re trying to remove a really nasty stain there are few real benefits to washing your clothes on a hot cycle. Use the cold water setting on your generic washes and you’ll be saving around 90% of the energy used in a typical hot wash. And we bet you barely notice the difference.

2. Hang your clothes when you can

Tumble dryers are a wonderful invention for the winter months but during the spring and summer they should be switched off at all times. Hang your clothes on a rack or a washing line and they should be dry within 24 hours if the sun is out.

3. Plant your own herbs

planting herbsBuying pre-packaged herbs from the supermarket is undeniably convenient but growing your own has three benefits. It’s greener, a window sill full of herbs looks lovely and it’s so much cheaper in the long-run.

4. Go electric

While they might not be found in every hardware store, if you head online to City Plumbing you’ll find an array of electric radiators that don’t need to be hooked up to a boiler and are incredibly efficient. You’ll be paying more initially but you’ll be saving a small fortune overall.

5. Stop buying plastic water

plastic Water BottleWe understand that some tap water can be quite ‘hard’ depending on where you live but this can almost always be mitigated with a decent water filter. In this day and age there is simply no good excuse to be drinking plastic bottled water for home consumption.

6. Au natural

Replace your cleaning products, deodorants and soaps with natural alternatives and you’ll be saying goodbye to all those nasty harmful chemicals. You’ll be paying a premium for them but don’t you want to feel as good as you smell?

7. Don’t waste those scraps

utilize-your-food-waste-in-making-compost.Whenever you finish a meal, if the leftover don’t end up in the dog then put them to one side. Sort out what you can reuse with what you can’t and blend the useable stuff into a tasty soup or smoothie. As for the rest? Chuck it in a compost bin in your garden. Waste not want not, after all.

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