Using Biodegradable Utensils and Cutlery to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Biodegradable Utensils and Cutlery to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Plastic is no longer the durable, hassle free product that it was thought to be. A piece of plastic takes around 1000 years to break down. In the process of decomposition, it releases toxic substances to the earth and the atmosphere. With simple changes to our lifestyle, such as opting for Responsible Products which are biodegradable and eco-friendly, plastic pollution can be reduced over time.

Impact of plastic pollution

plastic pollutionDisposing of plastic straws, bottles, spoons and forks along with plastic utensils in a thoughtless manner, without sending for recycling has led to the clogging and pollution of waterways. The landfills, rivers, lakes and oceans are filling up with toxic plastic waste endangering wildlife and marine life.

Minute plastic particles are ingested by fish which ultimately end up on our plates. So, we are ingesting plastic too. The production of plastic cutlery releases a high amount of carbon into the atmosphere as well, 

The solution

We simply cannot ignore the problem of plastic pollution anymore. We have to look for eco-friendly solutions. Plastic cutlery such as plastic spoons, plastic bowls and bags, utensils can be replaced with compostable, sustainable solutions, such as using Responsible Products.

Responsible Products have developed a line of products such as multipurpose bags, zip lock bags, glasses and cups, spoons and forks which are 100% compostable. You can go on picnics and camping trips, holidays and use these sustainable products instead of environment harming plastic.

When you have a large gathering at home for birthday parties, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, New Year Party or Christmas, or backyard barbecues, you can use Responsible Products plates, spoons, bowls and glasses, as well as the containers to store food. This change in using green products instead of dangerous plastic will be a tremendous benefit for the environment. Compostable, eco-friendly products which are biodegradable, can gradually reduce the use of non-biodegradable plastic. 

1. Straws and cups

Biodegradable  cupStraws and cups are some of the most used items when you go out, or even at home. There are a number of companies which have come out with edible straws with flavors such as citrus, cherry, vanilla, strawberry. Straws as well as cups which are biodegradable are the best choice. You can carry them around and use them in restaurants or in the office, instead of plastic ones. 

2. Bowls and plates

Forego the Styrofoam bowls and plates which add up to the waste in the landfills and oceans. The bowls and plates from Responsible Products are made from sugarcane fiber, and are completely plastic free. The lids of containers which add up to millions in a day, can be replaced with the lids made from sugarcane which can easily biodegrade. 

3. Containers

Biodegraadable Container by responsible productsInstead of using the plastic or Styrofoam containers for take-out, the containers developed by Responsible Products are an eco-friendly choice. The containers can be used in place of the disposable containers, as they are made from sugarcane.

Earlier, there were very few or no choices for take-out containers, but now individuals and restaurants can use these completely biodegradable, compostable containers. The convenience of the take out is undeniable, and you don’t have to give that up or feel guilty for using plastic containers. Choose the eco-friendly sugarcane containers which would not harm the environment. 

4. Bags

One of the things which is most used almost everywhere in the world is plastic bags. Plastic bags get into waterways and sometimes swallowed by animals as well as marine life. This puts their life in danger. Plastic bags should not be used at all, but using Kraft paper bags is a good choice.

To throw trash, waste bags which are made from plastic contribute to the garbage. Compostable kitchen bags and dog poop bags are sustainable choices that can drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

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