The eco benefits of installing fiberglass windows

Fiberglass windows are moderately new to the market, but the material has been there for a long time. It is made of polyester resin supported with glass fibers. The windows made of fiberglass are more energy efficient than aluminum. It is mostly used in Canada as the extreme winter weather situations necessitate the use of such windows. The frames are lightweight and are made of non toxic material. They are safe to handle, install, and easy to dispose. Here is a detailed description of these windows.

Fiberglass windows

Fiberglass has been long used for objects like auto bodies and boat hulls, which holds an outstanding record for durability. As the material is strong it does not need stiffeners to make hollow parts, whereas vinyl replacement windows require stiffeners. This helps manufacturers to generate higher efficiency fiberglass windows by sealing voids with insulation. Moreover, insulated fiber glass windows are more energy efficient and eco friendly than those produced from solid wood. Here is a brief about the eco benefits of fiberglass windows.

Fiberglass eco benefits:

Energy efficient

Fiberglass windows have the lowest general environmental impact. The long life and energy efficient feature in fiber glass windows considerably reduces the need for purchased power, which means their impact on embodied energy and resource depletion is also limited. The high power use and to a slighter extent, the discharge during production of vinyl and aluminum clad windows were the major factors in opposition to these products. In precise, fiberglass windows offer a 20 to 40 percent of cutbacks in cooling/heating/energy cost than the other window materials.

Thermal conductance

Fiberglass has 500 times less thermal conductibility than other materials like aluminum, which fiberglass window frame serves as a good insulator.

Thermal expansion

The thermal expansion of fiber glass is almost zero. It is same as the glass material that means the glass work and frame together as a single unit crafts a tighter shut against weather with less movement. Generally, glass has the least contraction and expansion rate than any window material. The thermal expansion of aluminum and its alloys is highly coefficient, which is viewed from its structural calculations.

Strength and Durability

When compared to aluminum, fiber glass is two times tougher and stronger. As the thermal expansion rate in fiberglass is almost zero, fiberglass windows stays as a long-lasting material.

Maintenance and Resistance

Fiberglass windows reside true to its manifestation and are maintenance free due to its strength. It is actually a paintable surface, but no need for staining, sanding or painting. Fiberglass windows will not warp, stain, rot, dent, contract, expand, shrink, bow, split, distort, crack, blister, rust or corrode. It does not absorb moisture and UV exposure will not affect the fiberglass windows.

Installation is easy During installation, windows stay at level and plumb that eases the installation process.Fiberglass windows are totally eco-friendly and it can resist all forces of nature. It has self extinguishing abilities and does not emit toxic fumes (unlike PVC) in conditions of fire.

The energy performance in fiber glass is vast used to cool and heat buildings. In North America, fiber glass frames acts as a main contributor to green house gas emissions.


Fiberglass windows serve as a good investment that remains durable for years. It is a static non polluting material that meets the requirements of people, who are concerned about the environment and health. The Health House in Toronto Canada has selected fiberglass as the material of choice for a project about the cutback of emission of vapor and chemicals in home constructions. Due to its outstanding benefits in thermal performance, climate durability, dimensional stability, design flexibility, environmental impact and resistance it is often rated as being among the best environmentally friendly materials, especially when compared to vinyl and wood.

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