Easy ways to recycle and repurpose old makeup

recycle and repurpose old makeup

If you are about to throw a number of your old makeup items in the trash, then you need to read this article. Here we are with some easy yet extremely helpful ways that can enable you to recycle and repurpose your old makeup.


Lip gloss and lipsticks

If you find a number of lipsticks useless and you are all set to get rid of them, try out this trick. By melting all the old lipsticks together, you can end up creating a gorgeous and rich new shade. Scoop out the lipstick and melt all of them together in a large spoon. Pour the melted content into a small container and then freeze it to form a new lipstick.

Cracked powder, bronzer or eye shadow

Powder, eye shadow and bronzer harden and crack if not used for a good deal of time. Rather than throwing them away, you can reuse them by following this smart tip. You simply need to mush the hardened content into powder using a spoon and then add rubbing alcohol to it. Keep stirring the mixture until it forms a thick paste. Let the mixture sit overnight, which would allow the alcohol to evaporate. Try using the one with a higher alcohol content, as it evaporates fast leaving the powder ideal for reuse.

Tinted lip balm

 lip balm stick

This is a yet another superb solution for reusing an old dried out lipstick. Scoop out the dried lipstick and mix it to some petroleum jelly. Melt the mixture over heat and then pour it into a suitable container. Let it sit in the refrigerator for sometime before use. You would love using the beautiful shade of this tinted lip balm.

Sparkly eye shadow

recycle and repurpose old makeup

If there is this sparkly eye shadow in your makeup bag that you no more use, here is a cool way to put it to a good use. Take a clear nail polish and mix that eye shadow to it. This way, you would end up repurposing an old makeup item and creating a cool new nail polish shade.

The hot water soak

Mascara and eye liner

Most of the makeup items are not meant to be kept for long. For instance, if your lip gloss or mascara is not used for long, they get dried up. To revive them, you can simply soak them in hot water for a while.


Rather than trashing old makeup items, it is any day a good idea to revive them. Using some simple yet effective tips, people can reuse their old makeup items.

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