Easy ways to help you on your way to a merry green home

Our home is the best place we can ever have in this entire world.  It is not just a house it’s a sacred place where we feel the warmth and love of our close ones. With the so called industrial revolution, pollution has entered our homes making us feel sick and annoyed. Hence, it becomes extremely important to avoid a sustainable lifestyle and it would start right from our home. Here are five simple and easy changes to make your house a green one.Replace your chemical cleaners with eco-friendly household cleaners

Replace your chemical cleaners with eco-friendly household cleaners:

Using eco-friendly household cleansers will help reduce the amount of air pollution but outside as well as inside the house. This will also reduce the occurrence of diseases like asthma and allergies. You should opt for products that are derived from plants form reputed companies.
Avoiding eating Meat on Mondays:

For some this may not be a very big change to go without meat on Mondays, but believe me, it does make a big difference. Let me explain how. Livestock rearing and raising requires a lot of energy and releases large amount of green house gases. Thus for even a small family of four members cutting down meat consumption even for just one night would surely make a great difference exactly like when you drive a hybrid vehicle.
Go for sustainable raised meat:

The word sustainable means that the source if your meat or the animal was grown and raised by giving ample space and was not administered with antibiotics and hormones. While purchasing meat you should be careful to look for labels like free-range and organic along with no hormone and no antibiotic.

home insulationImprovisation of your home insulation:

You can make your house energy efficient by doing simple changes like preventing leaky channels, walls, windows and doors. These minute changes would make the house well insulated and reduce the utility bills spent in heating and cooling of the house. For people with a limited budget, there are options like thermal shades that keep away the sun in summer and keep the house warm in winter.
Avoid using plastic made utensils in microwave:

Plastics when heated may cause leaching and release harmful substances into the food. These substances may cause hormonal imbalance inside the body. Even the plastic utensils that are labeled microwave safe may tolerate higher temperature before they lose their shape. When using the microwave, prefer glass and ceramics.


Making your home a green and better place to live is not a difficult task. All you need to do is just incorporate a few simple changes in your living and thus you not only make your home better but also help to reduce your impact on the environment.

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