Drink Green -8 Sustainable Spirits for Eco-friendly cocktails

The eco-friendly foods are the preferred foods of the modern society. Every modern grocery store has easy to find favourite organic foods and produce in an alternative shelf. Many reputed coffee chains are luring more customers by roving over to organic beans and same is the case with other beverages and drinks which are slowly treading the path of eco-friendly produce, Organic spirits and liquor are now finding their way into preferred night zits. But take precautions and be conclusive not to spoil or mix organic liquor with non-organic blenders

Square One Organic Vodkas

This is the first of its company in the mixed drink establishments, and every hotel or bar has a shelf full of the trademarked square bottles ful lof green vodkas. The founder of Square One Organic Vodka Allison Eva now was motivated and encouraged by the environmental issues broached by the community farmers’ market groups to go in for this organic brew. The Vodkas are purely distilled from organically grown North Dakota rye and   they have made use of eco-friendly methods of packaging and the brewing processes. Steps are taken to duck serious chemicals and not to chill the bottles but tapped easy to peel labels. The manufacturers made use of sustainably grown and renewable fibre sources bamboo, bagasse and cotton for the purpose…


Juniper Green Organic Gin

It is one of the first organic London dry gins made from organic grain and organic botanical herbs by organic process. No Moreover, no chemical manures or fungicides are used in the farming or storage..The naturally occurring microbes are left intact for a process of complete fermentation process naturally.


 4Cops Organic Tequila

Organic Tequila is made in at La Quemada ‘Green’ Distillery from 100% organic blue agave. It is made in four fashions -Blanco, reposado, anejo and extra-anejo. This brand of organic tequilas is bottled made of hand-blown glass. It is the first certified organic tequila with as specified bottle dedicated to Their agave nectar is good for those with a sweet-tooth additionally, it can be used as a low-glycaemia alternative sweetener in lieu of honey or sugar.


Papaquyo Organic Rum

This organic and certified rum is made from organically farmed sugarcane grown and harvested by justly paid workers in Paraguay. It is produced by more than 800 of farmers of the underdeveloped region of Arroyos y Esteros region. Every effort has been made not to make use of pesticides in it’s manufacturing process.

Additionally, there is an attention-grabbing treat link between organic spirits and a decreased hangover symptom. This probably has more to do with the higher quality ingredients of most organic liquors.


 Green beer

It is produced in a wind-powered brewery since 1999 and is supplemented by on the site energy production. The productions of the company New Belgium Brewind are delicious trendy micro brews such as Fat Tire AleBlue Paddle, and Abbey. The true Belgian style brews were first created in the basement of New Belgium founder, Jeff Lebesch using re-purposed dairy.


Bluecoat American Gin

This gin is distilled in Philadelphia is perfect drink and has been admired by for its unspoiled sweet burning sensation and suave texture. It has no essences but is made from the organic herbs.



This drink is made from Brazilian Rainforest Acai berries in Los Angeles at a distillery operated by cent per cent renewable energy. It is a kind of carbon-neutral spirit with a fruity flavour with great mixing qualities.


Art in the Age Sage

Sage is a “garden gin” manufactured by a Philadelphia company from natural herbs such as sage, rosemary, lavender, fennel, and thyme grown in Thomas Jefferson’s gardens at Monticello.

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