Dressing labels in India that are eco-friendly


Indigreen is a great Indian brand label that is elegant as well as affordable for the common man. It follows certain principles of the go green method, highly fashionable, consists of varieties of eco friendly values and is ethnic as well. Indigreen has been a committed brand that addresses certain ecological principles like climate change. They are one of the most eco friendly brands that



  • Use organic and eco friendly cotton materials, bamboo and khadi  as their dress materials
  • They use products which are 100% non toxic and free of any kind of chemicals. They instead use eco friendly paints, safe and good quality products for their garments.
  • They also have tie ups with the local NGOS where they contribute some amount of money for their welfare as well. 



Credau is yet another well known brand in India that carries on persistency with style.

It boasts of having some of the best eco friendly garments which are made with organic materials that are friendly to the skin as well as the environment.



Lowie is a brand that makes the use of recycled cotton fabric for their dresses. Their cotton is 100% organic and is dyed with colors obtained from natural vegetable dyes which are non toxic and friendly on the skin as well.


Fab India

Fab India is a purely Indian brand which has recently been making it big in the markets because of its eco friendly materials and ways of making garments. It uses organic cotton for all its products as well as khadi for all its ethnic wears.

It also consists of the Go green collection of garments which has all sorts of natural colors, and dresses made with organic cotton, hemp, and manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way.



Maiya is a well known brand which consists of ethnic Indian fashion wear with different kinds of spring as well as summer collections. It has some of the best ready to wear collections of ethnic wear that are made with organic, eco friendly , recycled material which are  non toxic and friendly for the environment as well.


Nowadays all products including dresses are trying to go the eco friendly way so that they are good to wear as well as safe for the environment around. If you are searching for a great collection of eco friendly brands in India, these are some of the brands that you can try out.

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