Designing your kitchen cabinets in an eco-friendly way

If you love to spend a lot of time in your kitchen, then you are like me. There is no alternative of coming back home after a tiresome working day and eating healthy thus feeding your body, mind and spirit. Usually, people at some time or the other of their lives, decide to replace the kitchen cabinets they use because of the ever changing trends and styles or the general damage from continuous use. It is not only important to choose cabinets meeting your personal design preferences but also the Eco-friendly ones which do not pollute the air of your home. Here are some Eco-friendly ways for you to design your kitchen cabinets. Design your kitchen according to your own sweet will with colors, layouts and styles that you need, only replace materials with the help of Eco-friendly solutions.

Designing your kitchen cabinets

Realizing what makes kitchen cabinets Eco-friendly

You need to understand how kitchen cabinets can be considered Eco-friendly. They are to be crafted from resources that are easily renewable, transported in a manner which is Eco-friendly, manufactured in Eco-friendly surroundings and need to be finished (includes finishes, stains, primers and glues) with products that are Eco-friendly. These factors will bring good effect on your environment.

Understanding VOC

Unfortunately, while remodeling appearance becomes the most important point of consideration to majority of the people. Considering the impact of the environment too is significant, when you take up a domestic project. Plenty of cabinets available nowadays in the market are made of particle board containing high percentage of formaldehyde. The adhesives holding cabinets together also generally contain toxic glues and formaldehyde releasing toxic vapors that cause air pollution at your home. In most cases, formaldehyde emissions occur in the kitchen. This chemical is a familiar carcinogen which should never be allowed to enter your home. There can be release of toxic vapors even many years after the placing of such cabinets in your kitchen.

These toxic dangerous poisons are known as volatile organic compounds or VOC which you should understand. Buy kitchen cabinets having no VOC. You should be sure that the fiberboards of your kitchen cabinets do not comprise of formaldehyde.

The choice of materials while purchasing your kitchen cabinets

Consider buying products built of exterior-grade plywood (this outgases formaldehyde at a lower level) and solid wood. There is another option of choosing cabinets made of recycled timber recovered from fallen trees or old houses. This choice generally ensures cabinets of better quality as the wood is from old trees. Though expensive, this is a more Eco-friendly smarter choice. Wheat board and fiberboard made of composted straw are also options for Eco-friendly cabinet for you. Both these contain resins instead of formaldehyde. Check for commendable craftsmanship before buying.

Bamboo is my favorite material regarding kitchen cabinets. Bamboo is flexible and you get different kinds of designs when you look for bamboo made kitchen cabinets. Bamboo is largely durable and can be renewed fast. It is possible for you to keep things made of bamboo for years to come due to its durability and strength. It is long-lasting. In fact bamboo is better than other hard woods used for manufacturing kitchen cabinets. Bamboo is not damaged easily. You are able to ascertain the hardness of bamboo from this fact that no knots are there in it and it consists of straight grains. Its maintenance cost is very low. You do not require spending huge amount of money for keeping furniture of bamboo in good condition. Its cleaning is also quite easy and you do not need strong solutions for cleaning things made of bamboo. Bamboo kitchen cabinets will save you from doing arduous, time consuming and tiring cleaning. The light, sleek bamboo cabinets have a traditional and clean look and will give you more area in your kitchen for doing other work. The cabinet manufactured from bamboo is very stable and has great finishing, when manufactured. In fact, you need bamboo to replace your old-fashioned cabinets with kitchen cabinets that are Eco-friendly.

Finding Eco-friendly kitchen cabinet makers

You have to find ESP certified manufacturers because this certification proves the ability of the company to provide Eco-friendly cabinets.

If you want to spend money on new kitchen cabinets, consider spending little extra for ensuring those are environmentally safe. A good resource to research on these Eco-friendly options is the Internet. Before making your purchases, log on to to find companies which produce Eco-friendly cabinets. It is high time for every one of us to decide using Eco-friendly objects in order to secure the future of Planet Earth.

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