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Dealing with the question: Can solar energy combat poverty and bring social development?

by Ecofriend1874

Sitting inside comfortable, air-conditioned rooms, we hardly ever spare any thoughts about the millions of people who do not have access to electricity. There are several off the grid regions which do not get electricity and have to live in the darkness. Education is a privilege for these people and they cannot even hope for a better tomorrow. Solar power is one of the viable solutions that can end their misery and give them access to not just light but also education and better health facilities.

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In remote Kunthur village of Karnataka, India, children carry a battery to their school, Swami Vivekananda High School, which generates electricity using solar panels. The solar panels charge the batteries that the students use to study at night. The system helps them save around $100 (per family) previously required to light kerosene lamps. This is just a small example of how solar energy can empower a rural community and help them in getting education even without traditional sources of electricity.

Our planet gets more solar energy in every hour than the electricity consumption of total human population in a year. This shows the potential of sun as the source of clean, green energy that we can convert into electricity to light our homes and workplaces. African countries have approximately 325 sunny days in a year. The modern solar panels and solar inverters come with energy storing abilities. Proper use of these technologies can empower millions across the world.

Needs for more solar power based initiatives

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According to the spokesperson for World Bank, Christopher Neal, they are emphasizing on hydropower, natural gas and the other clean energy sources like solar power. Their agenda is to help those who do not have access to traditional energy sources get electricity. One of their solar power projects in Bangladesh has helped in installing more than one million solar panels throughout the nation in last ten years.

A recent Sierra Club Report has estimated that $500 million of public financing can help in establishing a $12 billion off grid solar market by 2030. More than 250 million households are still using kerosene lamps instead of electricity. We need to take initiatives soon to empower their lives with off the grid solar power system.

Solar energy can empower the impoverished communities and offer access to light and thus, better lifestyle. If we take immediate action in this direction, we can also save the cost of kerosene or fossil fuel.

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