Creative chess sets made from recycled materials

The very essence of adroitness is applicable in the expanding realm of green technology, as well as in the exalted game of chess. And it with this novel consideration that sculptors, modders and other creative people have successfully managed to conceive unique chess sets from purely recycled materials. So, with raising a toast to sustainability, let us see how the king’s men and the mere pawns have fared in their ardently ‘green’ avatars.

Chess set made from recycled auto parts

What do we have, when we combine the intrinsic vivacity of automobiles and the soberness of chess? The answer is of course Recycled Auto Part Chess Set. Ingeniously contrived by designer Armando Ramirez, the $207.95 set is tailored for all those auto aficionados, with a knack for chess. And, what’s even more fascinating is the attention to style and details. The somewhat rustic demeanor is equally complimented by some enticing idiosyncrasies, like the heads of the bishops being made of NGK and AC DELCO spark plugs.

High Octane chess set

Another chess set inspired by our thriving automotive field, the so named High Octane pieces are made entirely from used engine and transmission parts. In fact, we have an inventory regarding the components used of each piece. For example, the pawns were built from lifters, while the rooks, knights and bishops were built from bolts, valve springs and intake valves respectively. Finally, the queens and kings were created from racing cam shaft and input shaft consequently.

Steam punk Hardware Chess Set

According to the creator, this special chess set has been made out of assorted hardware, an old table and some common chemicals. In fact, the enticing Steampunk project has been totally created in a DIY scope, with all those mundane garage and household stuff. So, we expect it to take lesser time than the professionally crafted pieces that we have seen earlier. You can also check out the video here.

Log Chess Set

The sylvan nature of the conception is quite obvious, when it boils down the Log Chess Set’s unique bearing. However, beyond the vernacular aesthetics, we are enticed by the fact that the entire wooden contraption has been crafted by hands, and that too from a single tree branch. Envisaged as one of a kind set, each of the pieces were specifically cut from different parts of the branch. And, the end result is an completely biodegradable, organic yet visually intriguing design.

Chess set made out of reclaimed computer parts

Sooner or later, this had to happen: an ingeniously crafted chess set made entirely from discarded computer parts. With capacitors posing as pawns and power transformers as rooks, the fascinating electronic ambiance is elevated to a whole new level. And, to accentuate upon the deftly crafted circuitry, the chess board is adroitly replaced with the motherboard, with alternate patterns of 32 microprocessor chips.

Chess set made of corks

Now, many of us may not have thought about it, but cork does pose as one the apt materials for chess pieces. And, that is exactly what one Máté Csipszer has done, in his own DIY project. As we see in the above image, each of the components is crafted with a certain rustic essence. Moreover, given the impermeability, buoyancy, elasticity, and fire resistance of cork, we would say that these chess pieces would be hardy in nature.

Hardware Chess Set

Nuts, bolts, threaded rods and chess pieces: all of them share the same linear geometric organization, as magnificently shown by one DIY enthusiast Julia. She has perfectly captured that definitive bearing with a hardware components, and that too under the cost of $16 and a normal chess board. The end result is quite apparent, with that element of robustness and class written all over the conception.

Scacchie-Re Chess Set

Whirlpool has always been one of the top companies, when it comes to kitchen appliances. However, very few among would have come across the idea of utilizing such used products for brand new chess sets. Produced by ilVespaio and designed by Stefano Castiglioni, this unique Scacchie-Re Chess Set exactly does that. Alluding to a fun style statement, infused with dollops of practicality, we now have chess pieces with a certain ‘Lego Star Wars’ type vibe!

Formula 1 Chess Set

Previously, we had seen some sets made from recycled auto parts. However, when the name of Formula One comes into the scope, the classy allure gets notched up to a whole new level. And, thus we have the remarkable Formula 1 Chess Set crafted from original Renault parts. Each of the titanium or stainless steel pieces is created from a variety of components coming from wings, cockpit to even the suspension, with the board in itself being composed from carbon fiber. As for pricing, the figure is kept somewhere around $36,000.

Lamp parts chess board

Going down the memory lane, we have salvaged a conception that was crafted long back in 1968. But, the utter novelty of the whole design was the pieces being made from 428 lamp parts. Created by inventor Jesse Dean, the whole exclusive ambit was even stretched to the wondrously crafted plexi-glass board. Finally, the exquisite factor was aptly furnished by a silver barbell case.

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