How to create solar-powered walkway light?

Solar Powered Lamp

Solar lights are more in demand since past few years, especially due to the concern of environmental changes. People from across the globe are adapting and bringing innovative ideas to overcome the current situation and neutralize the rising changes on the green planet. The extensive use of electronic products and the pollution through vehicles have to be controlled, if not stopped. We know that we cannot stop at once all the significant uses on regular basis, but at least we can make use of solar lighting for our gardens and home when we do not require it.

Few steps and you can create a unique set of solar-powered walkway lights without the use of electricity. Below we have mentioned the easy steps which you can understand and try to contribute toward nature.

Things that you require

1. LEDs

2. Solar panels

3. Hot glue

4. Decorative items

5. Wires for safety

Creating solar-powered walkway lights are just fun and make the area look attractive. Solar lights run on battery systems which get the charge from natural light (sun) and after sunset, the lights glow-up to light-up the area without any use of electricity. If you want to contribute to the nature by creating solar lights for your garden or walkways then follow the below given steps. This project is all about creating a solar-powered walkway light through various materials which are easily available in the market. Besides, you can also make use of common things from your home which can be deployed as part of creativity by saving money and energy.

Benefits of solar-powered walkways

  1. Solar lights are expensive, but is an one time investment

  2. It saves your electric bill from increasing

  3. Solar lights never affect the environment as it is used from natural resources and not for electricity.

  4. Solar lights can be used for various purposes after the sunset and can be charged during day

  5. Increase the beauty of the walkway through its amazing colors and beautiful features

Difficulty Level: Easy (for first timers, anyone can do it)

Time required: A day is all you need to beautifully decorate your walkway.

Solar Light in Glass Jar

Step 1

There are many things which you can use to cover the lights from your home. For example, a glass jar or something which is transparent for spreading light to the area. However, you have to make sure that the lights are placed in the places where direct exposure of sun comes so that they could get charge properly to function during nighttime. The first step starts from buying and arranging all the things which is required to make a solar-powered walkway light. You can simply take advices from the dealers who sell solar lights or can buy solar lights and install them from professionals. Inside the jar, place the LED and for proper exposure to sun you have to separate the solar panel from the sun jar. You can use cloth type material to create a unique lamp in which the LED will be placed.

Step 2

Search for some attractive shaped glass blocks to place on the ground where you will walk. It enhances the glory of your walkway and gives you a feel of walking like prince or princess. Buy glass blocks from the market and follow the processes covered below to create an attractive setting.

1. Buy rolled pebbles or gravel which you want to spread on the walkway. It is up to you on choosing the color, size and pattern of pebbles you want for your walkway which should also complement the surrounding.

2. Make a walkway through that gravel and mark the areas, leaving appropriate distance of the walkway where you want the light to glow. Yes, you have to dig the land a little to fit those glass blocks perfectly in the ground. The transparent blocks looks amazing after accommodating the gravel inside them and the distorted light that comes out. You can use colorful glass blocks to bring different lighting options. Measure the distance where you will place the blocks and enjoy walking on that glamorous ramp. There is no problem of wiring since it will be hided below the sand or gravel. Well, never forget to find a perfect place to put the lights.

3. Find some options where solar lights are fitted and are separable from their panels. Batteries can easily run the lights throughout the night, but you should go with small LEDs rather than big ones which consume more charge. Find a battery running solar light in which a number of lights are fitted and boasts in one panel. This facilitates to have less wires on the floor. All you have to do is to separate the panel from the battery or circuit board case. Take the panel to the roof or a place from where you can connect the wires properly and the battery case can we fixed under a newspaper box or hidden under any creation of yours. Every wire should not be visible and can be attached along the corners from wherever it flows.

4. All the wires are connected to the panel and the battery takes time to recharge through sunlight. Make sure that the panel is exposed to the direct light of sun and not in a shed as it would not charge completely. Creating light is a matter of following three steps. Attach the wires to the panel and the lights, set the panel in an appropriate place and set the lights in whatever thing you want to.

Hand-made Solar Light


1. How to fix a light into a bottle?

Ans. You can buy the light from the market and separate the panel from the light. Put the light in the bottle and use the panel as a lid which will also hold the battery to get charged in the exposure of the sun. Separate lights are also available which are set. All you have to do is to install them, but are proven expensive than what you will prepare at home and install by yourself.

2. What all ideas I can think of for walkway lighting other than glass blocks in the ground?

Ans. You can take any big jar, paper crafting or ready-made materials from the market to finish your task. Best is to browse the market and internet and come up with unique ideas which are simply inexpensive and are readily available. You can also make use of wood which will emit light from different directions from holes or gaps created.

3. Is there proper setting along with a long area and garden is required?

Ans. A walkway can be created on a small area and can be decorated by thinking of a proper theme. Theme-based lighting will increase the beauty of the area. You should consider whether the area will add beauty if glass, wood or cloth type material is used. Light can be used in anything as it always does its work and captivates people who want to see their walkway impressive.

Quick tips

1. Solar-powered lamps are also used on both the sides of a walkway and come each in a set with panel and battery attached with the light. Every light gets its panel to charge on its own, but increases the jumble of wires.

2. Your creative thoughts will always become attractive as solar lights have their own charm. You can also use them for your home or garden.

3. If more lights are used for your walkway, more time will consume, but do not use too much of solar lights which will spoil the actual beauty.

Things to watch out for

1. Make sure that the wiring is done properly and are not exposed from anywhere which could lead to an accident.

2. When it is on, you should not mess up with the panel and the wires. It heats up due to continuous running of power to light-up the lights.

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