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Copper Graphene to cool electronic devices more quickly and efficiently

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One of the biggest problems that most designers and engineers face while creating electronic circuits and modern gadgets is the dispersion of heat. No one wants to handle a device that generates excess heat and gets uncomfortably warm. This can also reduce the efficiency of the device and bring down its peak performance. Not to mention the extra energy that is wasted in the process. Researchers at North Carolina State University have found out a new composite material that can solve this problem and pave way for faster and even cheaper gadgets that are far more energy efficient.

Faster, Cheaper Way To Cool Electronic Devices

While traditionally pure copper has been used in the cooling and heat dispersion process for electronic gadgets, the new copper graphene composite will help serve the purpose lot more efficiently. The process uses a technique called a heat spreader. This uses a copper graphene composite along with an indium graphene interface film to act as the cooling system. This enables the gadget to be cooled 25 percent faster than in the case of pure copper.

Graphene has been the sought after material in the last few years when it comes to cutting edge research. It is not that it is not abundantly available, but the fact that it has so much potential in fields of modern semiconductors and transistors that it has pretty much become the focus of most electronic research projects. In fact, the copper graphene composite will be a cheaper way to cool gadgets than the traditional all copper use as graphene is far more cheaper and more easily available.

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