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Five coolest ways to reuse broken windows

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Five coolest ways to reuse broken windows

Finally you have got a home makeover done and the new home looks good; but are you worried about what are you going to do with your old trusty windows that were replaced by new ones? Here is something that may interest you – If you have recently got the old windows replaced and love the rickety panes and frames of the old ones, then here are a few recycling options that you can try. Mostly the old windows, with frames and panels, can serve a greater purpose; you just need to be a little creative. So think out of the box and take tips from the posts below and give your old windows a new look.

Mentioned here are five creative ideas for recycling your old broken windows.

1. Make a perfect garden

Make a perfect garden

Your old broken windows can serve both practical and decorative functions. You can add the broken window frame in your garden and grow some creepers and climbers around it. As you can see in the photo, the garden would get an instant makeover. Cheerfully hang the broken “window box” by a colored shed wall. If your garden has different sections for different plants such as vegetables, flowers, hostas etc then you can use the window frame as a visual divider. For designing a visual divider you can de-pane the windows and connect them with a 2 X 4 frame on the top as well as bottom. If you want, you can also hang ornamental beads and crystals at the openings. Besides, you can reuse the broken windows as a revamped lattice for climbing vines and beautiful roses. Make sure that you color the window in bright colors and hang it beside flowers or a birdhouse. You can also rack it over a potting table; once you have hanged it add some hooks and then hang gloves, gardening tools, and your favorite hat. Your old window would be really useful.

2. Transform Old Windows into Divine Dividers

Transform Old Windows into Divine Dividers

You can use your old windows and window frames as divine dividers. They can be wonderfully used to divide an outdoor patio or a room. You will surely love the division and the divider that would allow you to see the adjacent space. If you fastened few windows together, then they can serve as standing room dividers. Windows also act as an attractive furniture pieces, thus you can use it inside your home as well. Old window frames and panels offer a chic appearance to your personal space. With a dash of fresh paint coat you can give a modern look to you otherwise old and broken window. You can use the sanded wood frames without revamping it, as it gives a natural look.

3. Indoor and Outdoor Window Art

Indoor and Outdoor Window Art

The 12 pane floral window, which you can see in the photograph, was a DIY project. The creator has used tile nippers, caulk, glass globs and pieces, and many other interesting items for revamping the old window. The frame is transferred into flower centers. I am sure it is a wonderful art experiment. You can paint the old window, to give it a new look, however if you don’t like to paint, and still want your window to look attractive, then photographs are the best solution for you. You can print photographs of the panel’s size and then place it to the back of the window frame, to give it an instant makeover. Now you are a proud owner of “decor-window.”

4. Add-on for the Greenhouses

Add-on for the Greenhouses

There are various types of greenhouses. You can build a huge greenhouse or a smaller one, a table-top greenhouse or a walk-in one. There are endless options. While designing a greenhouse, you can use your old broken windows. You can use them as ceiling or walls or even as the door of the greenhouses. The window will give an interesting look to the otherwise boring greenhouse. It is your call whether you want to revamp the window before using it or just use it as it is.

5. Design a See-through Escape

Design a See-through Escape

If you are planning to build porches or gazebos, then the old window would come in handy to you. The screened gazebos and porches are perfect escapes in your backyard, where you can spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. You will definitely love the funky way of stepping into the gazebo creatively made using the old windows. And while resting inside these porches or gazebos, you will get your dose of Vitamin D.

These are only a few of the in-numerous ways to recycle the old windows, if you have some other interesting ideas as well, feel free to share them. Simply post them in the comments below.

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