Consumer impact can make business think eco-friendly

Companies are being forced to manufacture and use eco friendly products, as the consumers awareness has increased about the usage and benefits of these products. Manufacturers make sure that products they are making are standardized and along with this, they are keeping into consideration that consumers can demand documentation to prove the product eco-friendly.


B Corporation

A benefit corporation or B corporation differs from traditional corporation in terms of purpose, accountability, and transparency. It provides certifications for companies to benefit society as well the shareholders.


Sustainability and CDP reporting

Governance to keep a check on products of the different companies help in keeping it environmentally friendly and works in favour of the consumers’ as well. Companies that get better score claims to have best products in the market and get preference from the consumers as well.

voting hands

Shareholders resolutions:

To encourage companies to be more eco-friendly, one can be a part of the shareholder parade and can have a feeling of satisfaction, of being responsible and aware.


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Consumer feedback is important for the companies to know their buying habits and to make corrections accordingly. What has gone wrong with manufacturing the products and what could be the unique selling preposition (USP) of their next product is all decided based on the consumer feedback.

Now that the buzz of “green” is catching up, it has become hard what to believe and what not. The feedback that consumers provide is really of great importance. It lets you know the worth of your product and along with this gives you a reality check what to do what not to do. The feedback of consumer works both ways; along with the companies, consumers also get the benefits of giving a fair feedback. Companies keep the standard and quality of their products accordingly and keep themselves open to suggestions.


Increasing competition to keep the products environment friendly has made it difficult for the consumers to decide which products to buy. It becomes a problem for consumers to decide among all and then each product claims to be the best in the market.


Environment friendly business helps you keep your environment clean and save the natural resources as well. It benefits the environment and helps you save money also. Reusing and recycling can help in saving environment. For example, just a few simple changes in your daily routine of using paper can turn things your way and can bring along the changes you never expected.

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