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Concept toilet converts human waste into plant fertilizer

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Installing eco friendly composting toilets have picked up pace in the recent times. It is very crucial to spread knowledge about these new sanitation systems, especially when introducing for public use. Composting toilets have already been placed in certain public places that witness a scarcity of water.

Cycle Public compost toilet

Designed by Marta Visintin, this Public Compost Toilet collects human waste and converts it into fertilizer without polluting the ground water or surrounding water bodies. The tippy-tap toilet system has been designed to reduce the consumption of water while washing hands, allowing you to cleanse them by using just 80ml of water. One side of the toilet is used for urination and the other side is for solid excreta.

Urine is collected in a plastic container placed on the other side of the solid waste collecting box. Human urine is rich in nitrogen, especially urea, which is a good fertilizing agent for plants. After diluting the urine with water in a proportion 1 to 4 or 1 to 8 it can be used as a nitrogenous fertilizer for plants.

The solid excreta is collected in a tin box and can be replaced with another similar box when it becomes full. The stool is left for a limited period for primary decomposition. After three weeks of composting the excreta, the box is taken and emptied into an earthen pit or a large composting container for secondary decomposition process. This container is now covered with a layer of leaves and is allowed to stay for another 4 to 7 months or more. After this period of time what is obtained is a manure which is excellent for replenishing soil fertility.

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