Busting green myths for sustainable living

Global warming has been a great cause for concern and many of us have adopted simple practices in the hope of contributing our bit towards saving the planet from any great catastrophe. Every bit we do surely help in conserving energy and there is enough literature available on various ways of energy conservation. However, many of these techniques can be misleading or may not be effective.


Energy efficiency is not energy conversation

Choosing energy efficient lighting and other electronic products for the house will no doubt help in saving energy while using the products. Energy conservation activities involve consuming less energy, for instance, turning of lights when it is not being used.

Energy-efficient products are no doubt useful for cutting energy consumption, but for conservation, you must still use it in small measures.


Hybrid Cars are more eco-friendly than conventional cars

Hybrid cars use electricity and are great solution to combat rising gas prices. They are estimated to cut greenhouse emissions by more than one-third compared to many non-hybrid cars. However, a little research would motivate you to opt for a used car instead of a brand-new hybrid.

For instance, manufacturing a new car requires a lot of energy, in fact more than the regular on-hybrids require. A smart car choice depends on the type of car and your requirement. For those who are using large vehicles such as SUVs or trucks for long-distance driving hybrids would be a better option while for local usage a gas-only model is a great option.


Planting Trees for curbing global warming

Forest are good for evading global warming by curbing air pollutants, such as CO2 and other greenhouse gases, as their dark leaves absorb sunlight that warms the planet and cools the air through evapotranspiration.

However, trees can help in reducing global warming only if the right kinds of trees are planted in the right places.


Appliances that are switched off don’t use power

Some appliances stop consuming energy once they are switched off, however, many appliances continue continuing energy even after being switched off, this phenomenon is called vampire power, standby power or energy leaks.

Hence, switching off the appliance is not enough, one must unplug the device to curb energy consumption.


Organic is green

Organic foods such as dairy products, fruits and vegetables are special because they are cultivated without use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Organic food is healthy and cultivating organic food is good for the soil. However, the heavy premium we pay on organic food is not so much because of the reduced quantities as the cost of transporting the food.


People adopt green initiatives out of concern for the future of earth and for themselves. Though well intentioned, there are multiple dimensions to green practices and the overall cost must be assessed before adopting them.

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