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How to build a water purification system

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Water purification system

Due to the mass activities for the development of the society and country, number of industrial and domestic constructions are either done or built in a way that they contaminate the water. Also the establishment of industrial units, factories, have been a major cause of water and soil pollutions. The increasing shift, the climatic conditions, droughts, industrial waste, and also the rising level of salinity sources like catchments and reservoir systems are under heavy stress. This has resulted in the low availability of pure drinking water. Here you will get an easy method to make water purification system in less expense. This water purification system will provide you water free from bacteria, virus and other insolvents; thereby keeping you fit and healthy. Let us check out the process.

Difficulty Level


Time Required

Estimated time is 4-5 hours. This may vary depending upon the resource availability.

Resources required

Water tank with outlet

Clean sand

Activated catalytic carbon

Coconut fiber (from coconut husk)

Estimate Cost

Depends upon local resource availability.


Before starting to make the system, you should know, what type of system you really require. Make a accessibility by determining the contaminants, and other infections in the water. You can opt for a chemical test to get the report. This test will give you the exact idea of the biological and chemical contamination in your water. Depending upon the intensity of the contamination, you can go for various methods like boiling, chemical treatments and filtration. Here we are going to show you how to make a simple system which will ease the process of boiling, and other form of treatments.

1. Take the fiber and place it on the bottom of the tank.

2. Now take the carbon and place it on the upper side of the fiber.

3. Again take the fiber and make another layer on the top of the carbon layer.

4. Now, take the clean sand you have collected and put it on the top of the second layer of fiber you have placed.

5. Depending on the water quality, you can repeat the process for 3-4 times. This will help you to get pure water.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I use chemically treated water for drinking?

A. No, you can use the water for vegetable cleaning, and other purposes. The chemicals in the treated water may harm your health. It is advised to use only purified water for drinking.

Q. How this Water Filter is different from the branded one available in the markets?

A. This water filter is less expensive, easy to install, and has lower maintenance cost. This filter also does not waste the water during the filtration process.

Quick tips

Before going to opt for a water filter, you should consider following points.

1. Determine what contaminants are present in your water.

2. Familiarize yourself with the basic methods of home water purification. There are three basic methods: boiling, chemical treatment and filtration.

3. Consider chemical treatments. There are two to choose from: iodine and chlorine.

4. Study the filtration method.

Things to watch out for

The complete process to make the water filter is quite easy. But it needs a basic level of understanding of the things, which are needed to be considered. First of all, you must know, what type of water is available at your place. Generally, the natural sources of water like river or well are not able to complete the demands of the pure water. The authorities provide us water from underground wells, which they treat in their own establishments. But this treatments does not serve the individual purposes and hence people require personalized filters. You must also check the most common dissolved impurities like the salts of Iron, Arsenic, Fluorides, Nitrates, pesticide, insecticides, etc. If these are found in your water, this filter may not be much effective. Then you should go for a Reverse Osmosis system for your home.

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