Brazilian artist creates bicycle from woven fiber

Natural fibers like bamboo, rattan etc. have been favorites of many designers, who wanted to go green with their creations. We have seen use of natural fibers in furniture creations, but this time a Brazilian artist, Jarbas Lopes has created a unique bicycle out of it. Bicycle being a fuel free mode of transportation, is well known for its green ride, but this design gives it a better performance in addition. As a part of designer’s Cicloviaerea series, it is displayed at the VIP Art Fair 2.0, an International contemporary art fair.

A Bicycle Made Of Natural Woven Fiber

The bicycle is a unique piece of art, crafted out of biodegradable and sustainable materials. The entire bike is almost covered with woven fiber apart from the bike chain, tires and connective joints. A woven child seat is also attached, offering a seating for your young one when you go out for a ride. The stylish organic bike is fully functional and can serve efficiently as a daily mode of transportation. It is a true masterpiece offering green transportation with green design.

The use of natural fibers for the bicycle’s structure is an innovative move to make us realize that we can use certain sustainable materials effectively rather than depending upon traditional materials. If we want to make a green world, it’s essential that we eliminate our dependence on such materials and make an efficient use of the available green materials in every way possible.


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