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Brazil continues with its push in Biofuel

by Ecofriend1874

Brazil’s Biofuel Industry is serious about biofuel overtaking petroleum. They are developing technology that would make the biofuel a cheaper and more environmentally friendly choice. The government is doing its best to lend them a hand. They are cutting back on oil subsidies to give biofuel companies a better chance of competing.

Large scale production

Large scale production

Brazil is home to a good amount of Biofuel plants. These bio plants produce a large amount of biofuels.  A lot of money is being spent in growing these plants. GranBio is opening a large Biofuel facility in Alagoas. The company invested $21.6 million in the plant.  The site in Alagoas uses sugarcane bagasse as the base for their biofuel. Sugarcane is one of the fastest growing ethanol plant that scientist have discovered so far. It produces more crop yield than other feedstock and it takes up less land. The Alagoas Plant will produce 82 million liters of biofuel. So far, that would make the plant the largest producer of biofuel in the world.


Raising sales

More people are beginning to buy biofuel. Both ethanol and biodiesel have seen an increase in sales. Biodiesel costs were at $1.88 per liter. During the 2013-2014 calendar year, ethanol sold an all time high of 23.07 billion liters.

Climate change

Climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest reasons scientist everywhere are trying to find alternative ways to produce energy. Carbon emissions from burning the fossil fuels we use for energy is one of the leading contributors to emissions. In a report by the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) it was stated that biofuel production in Brazil would be better for both the natural and economic environment. The new Biofuel plants being built will provide jobs for the citizens of Brazil. It is estimated that the Biofuel industry provides six times the job as regular gas companies do. The wealth will spread around to all economic levels and stimulate the economy.

engine that is specifically made for biofuel ethanol

Combustible engines

An engine that is specifically made for biofuel ethanol is coming into works. The FAPESP has agreed to help a research facility create an engine that runs better on ethanol. Sometimes performance is decreased when using ethanol is automobiles. The research will think of solutions to solve that problem. Once the researchers have found a way to get around the problem, the world will be a step closer to having ethanol run cars.

Different feedstock

Different feedstock

Usually sugarcane and corn are the first crops that come to mind when talking about biofuels. They are some of the most popular choices because they have a good yield. But Brazil is changing that. Lately there is more talk about crops such as castor beans and sorghum. A particularly good hybrid of sorghum that is drought tolerant and grows well has been gaining attention. Castor beans are being developed as a second generation biofuel.

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