Boeing SUGAR Freeze: LNG-powered jet to increase fuel efficiency by 60 percent

Aviation industry is already reeling with a global dip in tourism along with increased fuel prices. It not only has an ecological incentive to go green but also a very strong economic one. And no matter what the reason is, the end result is something to be elated about. NASA is already planning for the future in this regard by exploring options for the future of aviation fuel. The encouraging aspect of this project is that NASA is looking for very practical models that will work in the real world than fantasy concept ideas. The SUGAR Freeze is one of those.

Boeing's SUGAR Freeze

The concept aircraft from Boeing could well be a common carrier 20 years down the line if things go along the planned line. The aircraft is designed to fly on the power of cryogenic liquefied natural gas (LNG). This will enable it to up its fuel efficiency by as much as 64% compared to the current comparable aircrafts that are in the skies today. SUGAR is the acronym for Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research, which clearly suggest the eco-value of the fuel and its efficiency not just in offering more power but also on cutting out carbon emissions.

The fuel model and its usage were designed to cut down on emissions and also keeping in mind the very real market cost of LNG. Experts believe that it will still be a cheap fuel source compared to most others even in 2045. Also the design of the aircraft is changed with low-drag wings and unducted-fan hybrid engines which will power SUGAR Freeze using fuel cell technology. The engine design should also help in further revving up the aircraft’s power.

So, while concept model creators plan for flashier stuff, here is a model that might be more grounded but is also most lkely to take to the skies in the next couple of decades.

Via: Dvice

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