Bird of Paradise catamaran is driven by hybrid engines, powered by solar energy

With the righteous trend of sustainability being incorporated within certain sectors of the automotive industry, our green ideals tend to focus on the on road vehicles. However, beyond land transportation, green technology is also making its presence felt in the waters. And, that is quite evident with adroit conceptualizations such as the ‘Bird of Paradise’ catamaran. Envisaged as a 75ft (23m) long marine vehicle, this state of the art boat is dual powered by a hybrid electric propulsion system and clean solar power.

Bird of Paradise

Design wise, the Bird of Paradise exudes opulence, with a clear futuristic vibe. The 30ft (around 10m) wide deck is adorned with user related circulation spaces and utilities including seating areas. And since we are talking about user features, the craft will also have a system of hidden stairs, which can be extended or retracted by use of gears. But the definitive visual element is the mid section of the catamaran, which exhibits a stylishly black control compartment, complimented by linear angular lines.

However, beyond the allure of the aesthetics, it is the technology that really showcases the green credentials of the marine craft. The main low emission powertrain consists of a hybrid electric propulsion system from Rolls Royce. The owner can choose his preference for gasoline or diesel regarding the engine, with diesel giving up to a speed of 25 knots. Moreover, the shaft generator can also be utilized as the motor, as it feeds power to the propeller to drive. In such a case, the maneuvering speed would be limited, thus alluding to the ‘loitering’ scope around popular beaches and exclusive harbors.

Finally, a secondary power mechanism entails the usage of solar panels, above the black mid section. Clean solar power would primarily be used for all amenities abroad the craft; however, they can also fuel the drivetrain, with the catamaran reaching speeds of up to 8 knots.

Via: Coroflot

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